School Prep


Last night I went out with my mom’s group for dinner.  We all have girls that are born within a few months of each other.  And these girls are all our first kids.  I love these ladies.  We’ve been together since the kids were less than 3 months old.  It’s amazing to have these connections with these ladies, and their daughters!

Anyway, the topic du jour last night was, of course, kindergarten.  What schools are expecting from us, what we are expecting from the school, what problems we might encounter, what problems we have already encountered (school supply lists) and how we think the girls are going to handle it.

The best part about last night was the fact that I got to talk to some first time kindergarten parents that are also freaking out a little.  Oh we’re all not worried for the girls.  They will do just fine.  They will thrive.  They are all bright happy girls.  It’s us that we’re worried about!  So here’s some of my worries for school.  (Notice most of them are about me.)

Anyway, those are some of my concerns.  She has EVERYTHING I could possibly imagine she would need.  She knows which one is the girls room, to raise her hand if she wants to say something, and to love school.  I think she’s ready.

I hope I am.