Early Birthday Present


Here’s an early birthday present for my Mom, whose birthday is Thursday!

Christmas Professor

Christmas Pirate

Christmas Butterfly

Christmas kids

It only took me 3 months to get! :)


My Beautiful Babies


Each one is so unique.  Each one has their own quirks.  Each one LOOKS so totally different.  Take this picture of my kiddos in their Christmas outfits from my mom.  This is the only decent one…I’ll spare you the rest.  (Mom, I sent them to you so you can see them but I have big plans to redo them.  Juice sighs at this announcement and says, “Poor kids.”)

my beautiful babies

First off, Butterfly has the most gorgeous eyelashes I have EVER seen.  Seriously.  And she has the best dimple, a tiny bow mouth with super fast growing teeth.  (It’s not even been a month and the missing tooth is not really missing any more.  The permanent tooth is half way up already!)  She also has pretty, shiny, super straight hair.  What a lucky girl.  And she is so super smart and loves her movies.  So much.  We watched movies pretty much all day today and she told me is was the best Martin Luther King Day ever.

But then my boys.  My twins.  Who don’t even look like twins any more.  Who get disbelieving stares when I say that they ARE twins.  Pirate there on the right with the brown/hazel-ey eyes.  That I can’t tell if they are brown or if they are dark green with blue centers.  With his super straight and shiny hair.  You can see the imp written all over him.  He has the best laugh ever and gives the best hugs.  He has also discovered why.  And that’s all we hear from him all day long…”Why?  Why?  Why?”

And Professor on the left, with his ice blue eyes and bright blond hair.  It gets little curls at the back when it’s this long.  And his inability to eat more than 3 bites at any meal (unless it’s Raisin Bran or goat cheese pasta or off of my plate) which makes him so much smaller than his brother.  But he is so independent and loves to cook with me.  What other 2 year old do you know that can tell the difference between half a cup and 1/3 a cup?

Man I love these kids.


Kid’s Talk About Mommy


Pirate says, “Good job Mommy!” when I buckle everyone in their seats. Makes my day go just that much better. Or he’ll say, “I lub Mommy.” and throw his arms around my neck. This kid gives the BEST hugs ever.


In the car with Daddy, eating fruit snacks.

Butterfly: There’s a bear in here!

Daddy: Look out bear! There are sharp teeth in Butterfly’s mouth!

Butterfly: I’m not biting it. I’m sucking on it.

Daddy: Look out bear! There’s a tongue in there!

Butterfly: Daaaa-ad, it’s just a fruit snack. It’s not real.

Daddy: As a fruit snack, I’d be more worried about your teeth than I would be worried about a real bear as a human.

Butterfly: It’s a fruit snack. It doesn’t get scared.

Daddy: Why not?

Butterfly: *huff* I’ll have Mommy explain it to you when we get home.


Professor: Ride bike?

Mommy: No, Mommy’s legs hurt. (Horseback riding.) No bike today.

Professor: Mommy leg hurt?

Mommy: Yes. My legs hurt.

Professor: I kiss better! *kisses both my legs* All better!

Mommy: Thank you kiddo.

*pause* He stood there looking at me like he wanted something else.

Professor: Now ride bike?


Darkness, I Mean Winter


When the time changed for daylight savings time, we entered what I call “Darkness.”  Otherwise known as winter to a lot of other people.  I feel like we have the lights on ALL the time.  And this is supposed to help with power consumption?

Tonight, we all went to pick up Juice from the train station (coming home from a business trip in California) and Professor was flipping out about the moon.

“Moon!  Moon!  I see moon!”  “Where moon go?  Where my moon?”  “Ah!  There is!  There moon!”

Butterfly takes great offence to the fact that he calls it his moon.  She always tells him that the moon is for everyone.  And then gets huffy after he keeps saying it.

She also calls the headlights on cars lanterns, which I find charming.  So no one break her of this habit!  Cars have lanterns on the front, not headlights!

Professor at home will complain that “It dark!  I sceard.”  He makes me wander the house with him and turn on the lights so he can go places without being “sceard.”  Now he has Pirate doing it too.  But Pirate scrunches up his face in this adorable worried wrinkle when he says “I saaarddd.”

I see the winter looming ahead!  I’m a little scared myself.  Where’s a lantern…


Kiddo Sayings


Professor hit Pirate over the head with a bird flashlight today.  They had been fighting over it and Professor didn’t want to give it up once he got it.  Screaming ensued.

Professor got put in time out.  And Pirate was sitting in Daddy’s getting consoled by Daddy and Sister.  Sister was rubbing his back and crooned:

“Don’t cry Pirate.  I love you more than Professor and Mommy ever could.”


Not only do I have to figure out toddler-ease that these two boys are speaking to me and each other (they always understand each other…I get it on maybe the 3rd try), but now I have to figure out what the myriad of animal sounds they make mean.  Because yes, they each mean something different!

Meow: I’m hungry or I want that.

Ruff:  Yes!  or I’m hungry or I’m playing a puppy.

Ba-aa: I’m happy or This tastes good or I love you.

Moooo: I want more.  (This one I do kind of understand…probably because they are the same beginning sounds?)

Neigh:  Haven’t figured this one out yet.

Rawr: Not sure about this one either.


Every time Professor roars at me he pauses, says very seriously, “I dragon.”

“Are you a dragon buddy?”

“Yeah, I dragon.  I fire.  I read book.”  And then he runs off (as only little kids can run) and grabs a book.  He then sits down and roars while he turns the pages.  It’s hysterical.

Why does he do this?  We have a picture that Juice has had since high school hanging in our stairwell.  It’s a dragon reading a in a huge stack of books.  Professor always points it out every time we pass it (which is often) and now he’s convinced that’s what dragons do.  Well, besides breathing fire.

Somehow I don’t have the heart to tell him that books and fire don’t mix!