Double Double Trouble, win an ipad


(I am playing catch up from our trip to Utah this year to see family. I’m picking a few things to focus on and highlight every week until I am done. Enjoy!)

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One of the best things about going to Utah is seeing our family.  Juice’s oldest brother hosted a BBQ.  We came, jumped on the tramp (the kids) and talked (the adults).  It is so much fun to see all of our family and catch up on the year with them.

I have to say, my highlight of the night was to see my set of twins and my sister-in-law Splat‘s set of twins together.

These guys were born just a few months apart.  Splats and I were pregnant at the same time with our twins.  (We were also pregnant at the same time with her boy and my girl.)  And I’m so pleased that they will have cousins that are twins too!  I imagine in about 3 years, the 4 of them are going to be a lot of trouble.

Except when I am trying to take pictures of them together.  They are already double partners in crime.

twins and fingers

“I know! Let’s all stick our fingers in our mouths!” (Pirate, Angel, Seraph, Professor)

2 sets of twins

“Can we leave soon?” “Did someone say leave?! Yes! Let’s go!”

unhappy 2 sets of twins

“Please can we leave? It’s late, past our bedtime and we have eaten nothing but chips since we got here.” “Leave?! Yes!”

bored 2 sets of twins

“Is she done YET?”

double double trouble

“We are twins. We get that. We are cousins. We get that. Can we go now?”

Yes, you can go now.


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