All That Hard Work


I never talk about Juice’s job (ever, ever) but he shared a story with me today that I just had to share with you!  He gave me permission (after his final okay after writing) to post it.

A co-worker called him to help him solve a problem.  (Juice is an engineer, for those who are wondering/new here.)  So Juice gathers up all his equipment he needs to fix the problem and goes to the co-worker in the lab.  There are 3 other people standing around, waiting for him to show up and help out.

They show him the problem, and he confirms that the equipment is not working.  He then walks to the back of the equipment, pushes the cord all the way into the socket and fixes the problem.

All that hard work, years of schooling and thousands of dollars so he can plug equipment in right.

I bring Fire for your majesty

What a great job.  :)


PS- I find it hilarious that it took FOUR engineers to fix this problem.

The male perspective…

Since we met on New Year’s Eve, Safire thought it would be fun for me to share my memories about the night we met.  (Of course, after she asked me to do it, she also claimed rights to edit my post.  What’s with that!? ;)  Anyway, I’m not sure what you’ll actually get to read, but it should be fun to write.)

Honestly I have a very poor memory.  There are a few that are vivid in my mind, like the night I took Safire to homecoming, but that’s not what I’ve been asked to talk about tonight.  Most of what I remember about that night is due to my diligent journal writing from the time I was 14 until I was 21.  (I didn’t quite write every night, but it was close.)  Reading my entry for that night is rather humorous.  Apparently when I was a teenager I spoke in some sort of cryptic code.  Apparently you couldn’t just say that you liked a girl or thought she was pretty.  There were special code words to describe how cute she was or how much you liked her without having to say it. :)

I remember that I was 15-years-old, not old enough to date, but old enough to go to stake dances.  These were fascinating events where the 14 and 15-year-olds (since the 16-year-olds can date they don’t always feel obliged to come) go and stand around.  The boys sit in the chairs along the walls and wonder what they’re doing there.  The girls stand around in groups, effectively preventing boys from coming up and asking them to dance by sheer numbers.  In each group they whisper to each other about who they consider cute.  Occasionally some of them somehow manage to end up dancing and talking and generally everyone has a good time by the end of the evening.

This particular stake dance was a special opportunity for me.  My best friend and I had been invited to a stake dance in another stake by a girl we both thought was really cute.  She invited us because there was a guy coming that she used to like.  He was supposed to be really charming, and she asked us to come so she wouldn’t end up falling for him again (or something like that.  I don’t recall exactly.)  The point is that rather than being around girls that I’d known since I was four or five, I was going to be around girls that I’d never met before and might never meet again.  This was an opportunity to be whoever I wanted to be for one night.  I could flirt with anyone I wanted to and no one would know that I was normally really shy and nervous around girls.

According to my journal I met five girls that night within the first fifteen minutes.  All of them would be my friends for the next several years.  Safire’s favorite part is the fact that of all the people I met that night, hers in the only name I couldn’t remember.  She is forever immortalized as “…another girl whose name I cannot remember.  I’m so mad.  I’ve got to remember names.  I’ve got her phone number…”  So how do you call a cute girl if you know her number but not her name?  Well, that would be a problem for another evening…

Safire says that she remembers what I was wearing that night.  I wish I could say the same about anyone there (even myself), but I have no memory for such things.  My journal focuses on what I remember about each of the people I met.  For Safire I don’t say much more than that I’m not sure how I feel about her.  She is, however the only girl that I specifically mention dancing with.  (I asked her to dance the last dance of the evening, which was naturally a slow song.)  The only thing that I really remember about that evening was playing Twister.  They had games in some of the classrooms in the building.  We all decided to play Twister.  It was fun.  I’ve always been really good at Twister.  They had four Twister mats together in a square so that lots of people could play at once.  I remember that Safire and I were the last two left at the end of the game.  She was also really good.  Neither of us were going to fall on our own, so I decided to be more aggressive.  (I’d only ever played Twister with my older siblings.)  I intentionally began to move across the mats to where she was.  I cornered her, trying to limit her access to the colors she’d need to play.  It worked, but not as intended.  She eventually lost, but she did it intentionally because she was embarrased about me being so close.  I realized too late that I’d made her uncomfortable.  I felt really bad, although she didn’t really seem to mind too much.  So I gave her the Starbursts that I got for winning.  I remember thinking that she was really cute when she blushes…still is, as a matter of fact. :)


Cyber Monday


I hate going out shopping at the store during the holiday season.  It seems that everyone is in a hurry and is not very friendly.  I love to spend my time shopping online instead.

And what am I shopping for?  Well, I won’t tell you what I got the kids since they might read this (hahahaha!) but I will tell you what Juice’s Christmas is going to be like.  Because frankly, he knows what he’s getting.  In fact, he is using one of his presents right now.  What is it you ask?

A nice piece of luggage for all of his travels.

And what does Juice want in his luggage?  It has to be a carry on size.  It has to have wheels.  And the pull handle has to be tall enough that he can take a full stride without clipping his heel.  It has to have a pocket on the outside to hold his paperwork, and a quick access to his liquids.  He wanted it big enough to fit a week’s worth of clothes, and be able to bring home his paraphernalia from conferences.

Not a big request, right?  Right!  And since we got it in September, he’s been making good use of his new suitcase.

If you’ve got someone who is hard to buy for this holiday season, I suggest some luggage!  Always useful.  Just keep in mind Juice’s requirements and you too can have a good holiday present.


Juice Does Take Pictures


Juice does take pictures!  Not very good ones!  (Sorry Darling…it’s true.)  Now you can see them! Aren’t you lucky?

2010 Nov San Diego soccerbeach

Anyone know where this is?

Ah, it’s a beach. Very good. Elementary my dear Watson. But where is that beach? I’ll give you a hint. This is not the Atlantic Ocean.

2010 Nov San Diego water

Any other guesses? Since the Pacific Ocean only covers a few states…you can guess where this is.

Oregon? Nope.

Washington? Nope.

California? Very good!

2010 Nov San Diego 009b

But it wasn’t a vacation he went on. It was a business trip.

2010 Nov San Diego hotel room temple

This is his view from his hotel room. Want to know what those white spires are?

2010 Nov San Diego Temple at Night

This! Isn’t it beautiful?!

I’m thinking he didn’t get much work done in San Diego.


PS- He really did work hard when he went there. But I guess the temple and the ocean were very close to his hotel and work.

GMYBS: Juice Being Silly


PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and Lolli

Joining Lolli at Better In Bulk for a picture of the week!  Now, this picture wasn’t taken this week.  I’ve been far to busy to take pictures it seems!  But this one is just itching to be posted for all the world to see.  I laughed SO HARD when he came into the room looking like this.

Juice as Jamie

Still confused?

Check out this picture here.  Now see why I was laughing so hard?


Way Back Wednesday: Plaid


Playing along with Cheryl from Twinfatuation this week:

Matching Shirts

Pirate, age 6 months

Daddy, age 30

It was so funny to me to see Pirate wearing a hand me down outfit that perfectly matched his daddy’s shirt!  I thought it was hysterical, Juice…not so much.  He was a good sport and posed for pictures though.

Juice has started growing that goatee back in anticipation of his roll as “The Man in Black.”  His goatee is at the poky stage that I just don’t care for kissing.  But, he does it every year and is thrilled to pieces to be getting ready to go to the Renn Faire this year again!


PS- In school news, I talked to Butterfly’s teacher this morning while I dropped Butterfly off.  Apparently, she had a huge sobbing melt down in class.  And all because Mrs. Madeline told her she couldn’t answer every question.  Well, yes, she does need to let everyone else take a turn.  And yes she got all the answers right.  But I’m not sure Mrs. Madeline conveyed the turn taking to Butterfly, and all Butterfly heard was that she shouldn’t answer any questions.  At all.  Hence the melt down.  Butterfly and I will have a talk about this this afternoon when she gets home.

It was harder to drop her off today with that news than it was to drop her off on the first day.  I hope she does better today!

Cannon Loaded, Fire!


On Friday, Juice took the day off of work to spend the day with one of his best friend’s from high school.  Grant came into town to see Glenn Beck and his rally on the Mall downtown. He spent Thursday night with us, and we met up with his sister, my friend from middle school, in Gettysburg to see the sights!

The boys (Juice and Grant) took care of the kids which freed me and Ann to talk.  And talk.  It was fun.  Turns out Ann is living in the DC area too and we’re going to hang out more.  She is a 1st grade teacher.  We caught up with our families and then started in on all the other stuff that old friends talk about.

In between all the talking, we saw some sights!

Of course, we weren’t able to see much, since we had to hurry back home for Butterfly’s open house.  But we did see a few things.  This was Pirate and Professor’s first trip to Gettysburg!

Juice is such a fun dad.  He got the kids to sit all on their own cannons and showed them how to stick their hands in the front and pretend to load them.  Then he would yell, “FIRE!” and they would all make firing noises.  Then they would run around, load the cannons again, and Juice would yell “FIRE!”  What a fun guy. 

We loved having Grant with us and hopefully he’ll come again soon!


Question of the Week: Dad


Happy Father’s Day!

Daddy and Butterfly

To the best Daddy,  the best Father, the best friend I ever had.

Daddy and twin boys

You are special to us!

Because you do the dishes every night.

Because you take care of the kids when I have other things to do, even when you are sick.

Because you are so patient with Butterfly.

Because you are so fun with the boys.

Because you support me and all my crazy ideas.

Because we love you so much.

Thanks for being “Not the Mama!”


In answer to this week’s question: What makes the Dad in your life so special?

Juice’s Sick Day


Why is it when I get sick I have to soldier on and still try to keep the house together and feed children while feeling terrible but when Juice gets sick he gets to lock himself in our room and watch movies all day long?

Because that’s what happened today.  Looks like he caught the stomach thing that the kids had.  I DO NOT WANT THIS.  I have tons of stuff to do this week that I can’t put off.

So while he slept and watched non-animated movies uninterrupted, we went to a birthday party, ran a few errands, I worked for several hours while the boys slept, I got them dinner and did some planning for our upcoming trip.  So I basically had my normal day but had him always on my mind.  Plus, I was a super nice wifey and brought him broth and water in bed.

Hopefully he’ll be better by tomorrow and will go to work so I can have a normal day!

Tonight’s winner of the $10 Land’s End Gift card is…my Dad!  Congrats Dad and thanks for commenting.  I’ll bring your card next week.

And remember, my other giveaways are still open!

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