QOTW: Ice Cream!


This week’s question on the Multiple’s and More site is all about our favorite thing:


What’s your favorite ice cream? Where do you like to go for ice cream?

In fact, it’s so great, we have to spell it out loud when talking about it.  The kids go CRAZY for it.

And yes, even the 3 year olds now know what i-c-e-c-r-e-a-m means.

We like ice cream so much, we always have ice cream cakes from Carvel for our birthday cakes. We like the Carvel cakes because of the little chocolate crunchies in the middle, and that it is ALL ice cream. None of that pesky cake on the bottom to get in the way of cold sugary goodness.

Butterfly 6 Birthday 2011

My kids are strange when it comes to birthday cakes. They don’t care what is on the cake. They don’t ask for rainbow cakes or cakes with a specific thing on the top. All they want is ice cream!

Birthday candle

Stick a candle in it, and it’s absolutely perfect! (This is from Juice’s cake this year.)

Professor 3 birthday 2011

The boys were happy with their ice cream logs this year. These were actually REALLY good. Professor had a cinnamon roll flavored one.

Pirate 3rd Birthday 2011

And Pirate had a chocolate chip one. So so good!

But if we want to go out for ice cream, like we do on the first day of school, we always go to Bruster’s. Or if it’s raining, we go to Bruster’s. Why? The second scoop is free if it’s raining or snowing.

And the ice cream is goo-oood!

I always get the vanilla ice cream with maraschino cherries in it. Juice always gets vanilla, Butterfly gets strawberry, and the boys get (free) baby cones with faces on them.

Okay, I think I know what we’re doing for family night tomorrow!


PS- Juice and I had ice cream cake at our wedding too.

First Day of Summer


It’s our first day of our first summer vacation ever!  Yay!  Last night, we made a list of things we’d like to do this summer.  Everyone got to add something to it, even Flower.  Everyone’s top pick?  BEACH TRIP!  (Professor has been asking to go to the beach all day today because we told them we are going later in the summer.)

Other top billing things for the summer?  Pool trips, new playgrounds, gardening, Just Dance 2-off with friends, and Annapolis.  We are going to have one fun filled summer!  I can’t wait.

To celebrate no school today (or any day for 70 odd days) we went to the Amish Market and had breakfast.  Butterfly had 2 chocolate chip pancakes.  She put every single kind of jam on them.  And then the strawberry jam they leave on the table.  And the peanut butter topping.  Then syrup.  Mmm….

The boys each tried to eat a pancake with butter and strawberry jam on it.  Flower had eggs, pancakes, bacon.  I had one, lone egg.  Sad but true.  This diet better be worth it.  And the day I get to be off, I’m totally going to the Amish Market for breakfast!

We then played at a new play ground next to the Amish Market.  They had a slide made out of rolling bars.  The kids and Flower had such a fun time with that!  I took a bunch of pictures.  (Which you won’t see today because my Internet is spotty and I’m too tired to fight with it.)

We then came home for lunch, naps, and rest time.  Juice came home.  We had dinner.

Since we went to have ice cream to celebrate the first day of school, we thought we needed ice cream to celebrate the last day of school too!  Yesterday was too busy so we went today.  Everyone loved their ice cream.  I enjoyed an apple.

This summer is going to be fun!  I just know it!


Rain Rain Come Again


We love the rain here. We love the sound it makes, the smell it makes, and the free ice cream scoops it makes. Wait, does it rain ice cream here in Maryland? Well if you go to Bruster’s while it’s raining it does!

Did you know that Bruster’s (aside from having amazing ice cream) that you get a free second scoop when it rains or snows? I bet you get a free second scoop if it’s hailing or sleeting as well, I’m sure. We LOVE Bruster’s not only for their free second scoops, but for their free baby cones for the kiddies under 32 inches, their free doggy sundaes for our puppy who LOVES ice cream, and for the free cone after you buy 9.

Tonight we didn’t tell the kids where we were going when we got in the car. As we pulled into the parking lot, all three of them because to scream, “Ice cream!” It was super cute. After several minutes in the rain deciding what to get, we took our wet selves back to the car and the kids proceeded to slime the car with goodness. Yum yum!

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