Hurricane Sandy


I’m sure everyone has heard about the Frankenstorm Hurricane Sandy that will be hitting our area.  The storm is enormous.  Here’s a picture:


We’re somewhere under the clouds.  The storm is over 600 miles across which means that ALL of Maryland, most of Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, etc will be affected by the storm.  They are saying that Sandy is a once in a lifetime storm, since it’s mixing with a Nor’Easter front and coming in from the west.  The forecasters are telling everyone to take pictures and notes.  This is a very rare thing to experience.  We probably won’t see this again in our lifetime.

Honestly what we’re planning on here is a lot of rain, some wind around 30-40 mile per hour wind, and no power.  Although keeping power would just make the whole house cozy.  But we’re prepared for about a week of no power too.

Butterfly has no school Monday and Tuesday.

We are ready to go.  We have enough water to last all of us about a week.  We have enough charcoal and propane to cook outside with (even in the rain).  We have enough batteries for our flashlights and battery operated candles.  We have books and games and toys for the kids to play with.  We have our own books to read.

So we are set.  We would love prayers on our behalf, since we’ve done all that we can do here.

Oh, here’s another picture!  We are just above the Chesapeake Bay.


This is our 4th hurricane here in almost 10 years of living in the area.  Plus one tropical storm.  You can read about them here.  For those of you who don’t want to click through, here’s a short list.

I’m hoping this goes just like Hurricane Irene.  We lost power for about 2 minutes and got a lot of rain.

But I didn’t want this storm of a lifetime to pass without mentioning it here. Besides, when we have another one, I want this one documented!


Hurricane Irene Aftermath


So.  We were prepared for Irene.  And then she blew over.

We got some rain.

We got some wind.

We lost power for about 2 minutes in the middle of the night.

Juice took the kids out the next day and checked out what kind of branches were blown over.

Hurricane Irene damage 2011

All in all, this was a very mild storm for us.

I’m glad I was prepared.


Hurricane Irene


We got back from Utah on a Tuesday. We missed the 5.9 magnitude earthquake that morning. We first heard about it on CNN at the Salt Lake City airport. No issues with our house when we got home that night and everyone fell into bed.

On Wednesday, I went shopping with all three kids to restock our fridge. We went back to school shopping for Butterfly’s start on Monday. Oh how I miss Flower. We unpacked. We tried to get everyone back on east coast time.

On Thursday, I started getting back into my normal routine and checked the weather online. Uh, a hurricane? This week? Awesome.

On Friday, I spent the day running around and prepping for the hurricane. The weather was predicting Saturday-Sunday impacts for us. Mostly rain and strong winds. I figured we should prepare for power outages (in the range of 3-5 days).

So how did I prepare? Here’s my list:


We are prepared!  How are you preparing for the storm?