Hot and Sticky in West Virginia


Today was our last adventure with Flower.  And boy was it a hot one!  It seems like we kept putting off all the stuff outside, and then never actually got to do any of it.  Except for this one.  And this one showed that that was the right decision.

Besides the humidity and the heat, Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia is an amazing place to go!  We love to come here and come often.  (Often being about 3 to 4 times a year.)  Why do we keep coming back?  It’s not the really good ice cream they have.  It’s not the beautiful rose garden restaurant we like to eat in.  It’s the history.  And for me, it’s the fact that the Appalacian Trail runs right through town.  It’s always been kind of a dream of mine to hike the whole thing.  Right now, I’ll settle for walking part of the trail in town.

Flower had never been there.  And it’s beautiful.  See?

Church at Harper's Ferry, WV

Lolli’s oldest daughter, KitKat, came along too.  Flower and KitKat have been come good friends this time around (and actually KitKat spent the night last night so we could get an early start.  Haha…the girls stayed up late and we got started the same time we always do.  (10:30-ish)

Fun at Harper's Ferry WV

This trip was not one of the best trips we’ve done.  It was hot.  And pushing and carrying our monster stroller around was brutal.  I was dripping sweat from my elbows about half way through.  We said next time we come in summer, we are going to bring swimming suits and swim in the Shenandoah river.  About half the people we saw there today were in the river cooling off.  And the current in the river was very mild.  There were even several places where the rocks made small pools with no current at all!

Climbing the stairs in WV

Even though it was hot, and even though we didn’t see all I wished we would have seen for Flower, it is still an amazing town.