Playing Catch Up: Summer Edition 3


At the beginning of May, my barn had a horse show. I entered all the kids into a few classes and we had a ball!

Pirate prepped for the horse show May 2012

Before you can show, you have to get your horse ready. Which means clean. And braided if you have a helper.

Getting Cody ready May 2012

Brushing Pepper May 2012

Then you enjoy your show! Pirate rode Pepper, and Professor rode Rainey. See his girl helping him? She also rides Rainey and did Rainey’s hair. Amazing!

Pirate and Pepper May 2012

Professor and Rainey 2012

Juice and Pirate on Pepper May 2012

Everyone got ribbons!

BeRibboned Professor and Rainey May 2012

Happy Pirate and Pepper May 2012

Butterfly rode in the next class. She did really well.

Studying the course, May 2012

Butterfly's class Horse Show May 2012

She also got some ribbons!

Butterfly wins with Cody! May 2012

She shared Cody her horse with another girl about her same age. They have become very good friends and enjoy riding at the barn together. Cody liked all of his ribbons.

Cody's Ribbons May 2012

Butterfly and R and their ribbons

Horse Show May 2012 2

Lunch was good. And then Juice took them home.

Little Horse Show Participant

Since I was helping out a lot, I stayed till the end of the show and got to see all the older girls jump.

Jenna and Beau May 2012

What a fun day!

horse show May 2012
(This is my fun, “Hey I’m pregnant but don’t know it yet!” picture. Although I had an inkling.)


Fulfilling a Dream


Today I was able to fulfill a life long dream.  It was a silly dream, and one that I never thought would happen.  Because honestly it’s never supposed to happen.  But today it did!

And it’s all thanks to a bag of pretzels.

I touched a wild horse.  I did my little training thing I’ve learned and got the horse to follow me a little bit…away from my blanket and my pretzels.

Today we went to Assteague Island and hung out on the beach there.  The wild horses come down to the beach to eat everyone’s food.  And boy they got into our stuff…twice!  I got yelled at by the life guard for touching the horses but frankly, the horses wanted to walk through our little set up and all the kids were in the middle of the set up.

So I kept right at it’s shoulder and whacked it’s nose when it wanted to come on my blanket.  After awhile, it would reach it’s nose out and sniff my hand, and follow me around the blanket area.  So cool!

And I’m happy to report that wild horses smell the same as domesticated horses.  In case anyone was interested.

The beach was a blast.  The day was cool and overcast.  Flower, Lala, and I were able to go walking without the kids and brought back a bucket of sea shells.  The boys laughed over the waves hitting their feet.  Juice and Lala’s husband built a huge sand castle/ volcano and the kids loved sliding up and down it.  What a fun day!

Not so fun: sunburn.  Everyone but the little babies (I reapplied sunscreen for them half way through the day) and Juice (who doesn’t burn) has bad patches of sunburn.  I missed right above my eyebrows in little triangles so now I look like I have clown makeup on.  Butterfly is just a tiny bit burned (she got Juice’s skin) but our friends are REALLY burned.

Oh well.  It was still one perfect day.


PS- I TOTALLY FORGOT MY CAMERA.  Can you believe it?!  Flower brought hers so she took some pictures.  I’ll post those when we get home.