Christmas Freak Out Post, early


Last year I was done with most of my Christmas shopping by now. If I hadn’t bought everything, I had the presents all picked out and where to buy them.

This year, I’m still struggling with what to buy people. Or I have ideas and no idea where to buy.

Honestly, I think my biggest problem is that I’m trying to get the best deal and get the most bang for my buck. So when I decide to get Butterfly a puzzle and find it on Amazon, I should just get it.

I don’t.

I go poking around on different sites to see if I can find the puzzle cheaper somewhere. With free shipping. And cash back rebates.

Then I get a little frustrated or overwhelmed or whatever. Or I get distracted with the kids and I couldn’t get back to it in time.

I know! I need a personal shopper. Anyone interested?


November Bubble Gum Posts


So.  It’s November.  And it’s the first day of November.  And that means that I am joining NaBloPoMo.

NaBloPoMo 2011

Remember that? Where I post every day for a month? Yeah. I’m going to jump on the band wagon. And hopefully I won’t a) fall off and b) continue through the end of the year.

So!  Welcome to my NaBloPoMo!  When I told Juice that I was doing this again for the month, he said, “It sounds like some kind of bubble gum.”  Of course, we had just been trick or treating for several hours with our kids.  We had candy on the brain.

Speaking of candy and Halloween, here are some pictures of my super heroes!  (Although I’ve been told that Batman is not a super hero…)

Batman Halloween 2011

This guy looks pretty super to me though!

Spiderman Halloween 2011

And this one is a confirmed super hero, even though he became a super hero from a radio active spider.

Wonder Woman Halloween 2011

And this pretty wonderful girl and her indestructible bracelets and returning tiara, is amazingly super as well.

And we had a super Halloween! We went trick or treating with a bunch of friends from church.

Halloween 2011 Trick or Treating

We also trick or treated for almost 2 hours yesterday. It was SO much fun. We walked the boys out (note to self: remember the wagon next year) and even walked Butterfly out.

They slept well and so did I!


Usual Labor Day Celebrations


We spent our Labor Day as usualUsually, we eat some kind of Chick-Fil-A and cheer for the parade participates.  Usually, we end up cleaning some kind of treat off of someone, and come home with cranky kids.  Usually, we have hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner, and send everyone to bed early.

This time was no different!  We had shakes from Chick-Fil-A, cleaned popsicle off of Juice and Professor’s faces, had cross kids at the end, had a few break downs at home before bed (me, Butterfly) and the kids are in bed.  Enjoy these pictures from the parade and then I can go to bed too!

Trumpet Line Labor Day 2011

Roller Derby Labor Day 2011

The local roller derby was a new addition this year.  Cool!

Small Fireman Labor Day 2011

Cool Fire Truck Dog Labor Day 2011

Color Guard Labor Day 2011

Chinese Dragon Labor Day 2011

Young Dancer Labor Day 2011

Happy Dancer Labor Day 2011

My favorite picture of the day…I love these dancers!

Pilgrams can text Labor Day 2011

This picture made me laugh.  Seriously, you can’t get off your cell phone for an hour to walk in a parade?!  Especially when you are dressed as a PILGRIM.

Sons of Confederate Labor Day 2011

Bag pipes Labor Day 2011

Butterfly enjoying parade Labor Day 2011

Tired Family 2 Labor Day 2011

Tired Family Labor Day 2011

How was your Labor Day?




Did You Know…


That crocodiles raise the sun?

Now you do.


Labor Day 2010


Last year for Labor Day, we went to our town’s parade.

Colorful Dancer

This year, we thought we’d do the same!

Boys and Flags

Butterfly told us all about today being a special day.  It’s a holiday.

Enjoying Labor Day

And a way to thank all the workers for working hard.

Maryland Horses

So thank you workers, for doing what you do.  Hope you enjoyed your special day off!  I know we did!

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