Give Me Your Best Shot: Roar


Pictures from the aquarium on my birthday. The boys LOVE love love the alligators. They call them “roars” and really spend time studying them. I’ve taken some pictures so you can study them too!

Sleeping Alligator

Alligator Eye

My parents and I went to Eastern Market today. We drove down and did a little driving tour of the monuments as I tried to hear the GPS over Little Einstein in the background. We found street parking on the block (amazing!) and walked up and down the market.

Eastern Market DC

It is smaller than I thought it would be. But lots of fresh stuff. We had a great lunch at the counter. Apparently, they have the most amazing pancakes there, but only on Saturday. I’m determined to get there one Saturday and taste them!

Fresh fish, chicken, pork (I watched them bring in a pig from a truck and cut it up right there for someone.) and fruit. Also, good cookies. The Market is open Tuesday-Friday 7am – 7pm
, Saturday 7am – 6pm
, Sunday 9am – 5pm, Monday Closed.

So if you’re in the area of the capital building, take a short walk to Eastern Market and have lunch. Or better yet, go on Saturday and get amazing pancakes!

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GMYBS: Parade


Joining up with Lolli again this week.  Here is a good shot of a Sons of the Confederate.  Only in the south.  :)

Southern Gentleman

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GMYBS: End of Summer


So today was the last day of Butterfly’s first 5 years of eternal summer.  Mine too I think.  Because now, things will follow a very set schedule.  And will follow a very set schedule until the boys move out of the house.  Looking back at it, I really didn’t know what a good thing I had!

We went and toured her classroom today.  We met the music teacher (on the way to the cafeteria) and the gym teacher (on the way to the cafeteria) and the nurse (on the way to the cafeteria) and the librarians…on the way to the cafeteria.  Which we never did find.  I sure hope they tell her where to go to eat lunch!

Mrs. Madeline is kind.  All the other teachers we met said that very word.  I’m so glad to hear it.  Because Butterfly, for all her boisterous-ness, she is a very gentle soul, sweet, and is easily upset.  I was hoping that she would have a teacher that was kind.  Butterfly drew a picture for her teacher and wrote on it “I love teacher” and gave it to her today.  Mrs. Madeline was thrilled and put it right up next to her desk.  The best reaction I could have hoped for.

Even with all this positive school vibes we’re getting here, I’m going to miss our vacation together.  Lazy days of staying in our pajamas in the fall and winter, going wherever we want, whenever we want.  Taking an hour talking over breakfast because we can.  So here’s a picture to remember summer by.

Looking forward to the next stage in our life!


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Give me your best shot at Better in Bulk
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GMYBS- Fish!


Here are pictures from earlier this week:

Green Fish


little fish

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Give Me Your Best Shot- Snail


Happily joining up with Lolli and showing off a good picture I took.  This is from when we were in Utah.  (I have not taken any pictures this week…no one wants to see snot covered kids crying!)

Give me your best shot at Better in Bulk

Pirate Snail

My little Pirate is so observant.  He’s the one that found this snail and was happy to be showing off his discovery.  Butterfly is standing right next to him and at one point held the snail too.  That is, until the snail came out of it’s shell and looked at her.  With one eye.  That was enough to send her back into the house.


GMYBS- Mountains


Joining Lolli again this Friday with my best shot of the week.
Give me your best shot at Better in Bulk

It was hard to choose one this week because I’ve taken so many and a lot of them I’ve really liked.  But this one stood out to me.  I have lots of pictures of Butterfly walking away from the camera in scenic places.  Let’s just add this one to the many.

Girl Trail Mountains

This is from the hike we did and I got so sunburned. The mountains still have snow on the tops. If you look at the big mountain in the front, it looks like it has had stitches. It burned 2 years ago while we were visiting and they did that so it wouldn’t erode so badly with the snow run off.

I love Butterfly’s hand running through the grass at the side of the trail.  She seems so content to just be walking where she is.  I’d like to be like that more often.




After I got out of the shower the morning I noticed that the boys were very quiet.  It’s not unusual for me to find them into some kind of mischief after my quick “splash and dash”.  So I went in search of them and found them in our spare bedroom on the bed.  (Flower, we’re ready for you!!)  They had found my stash of travel SEED products and had tossed them around the room.  By the time I walked in, they were snuggled up together on the bed desperately trying to get the boxes of soap open.

And when they put their minds to it, they get what they want!  I thought they were so cute surrounded by soap boxes so I whipped out my camera.  Sadly, I didn’t get them surrounded in boxes by the time I came back from getting my camera.  But I did get some very cute ones!

Little Boy Seed

Twins showing off soap

Of course, the fun ended when Professor decided to try and take a huge bite out of the soap.

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GMYBS- Links on a Chain


I have been running from one thing to another day getting ready for Butterfly’s big birthday bash tomorrow.  We’re having a carnival and hopefully it will turn out okay.  I’ve got a million and one things running through my head.  Mostly I’m just happy I found my underwater camera that is my video camera today.  It has a tendency to walk away in small hands.  This time, I found it in my camera bag.  Imagine that.

Ahem…moving on.


Tonight we had the great pleasure of going to a wedding of Juice’s cousin.  It was a lot of fun to see all of our relatives, and to have everyone remark on how SIMILAR Butterfly and Pirate were to all the other little cousins running around.  Gotta love those genes and how they show up!  Also, it’s fun to hear of all my cousins who read the blog.  Hi guys!

Juice’s cousin was in charge of pictures and asked me to bring my camera along and help out a little.  I was a bad phototog and didn’t charge my batteries.  So the camera ran out of juice right as they were cutting the cake.  (See Dad this is why I need a battery grip!)  Still, Jenny was able to get some good pictures (I just handed my camera over to her.  You try wrangling 3 kids and try and take pictures!)  I was also able to help her stage family shots and get every one’s attention.  Juice’s comment after we were done with the pictures: “Your dad would have been so proud.”


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Give me your best shot at Better in Bulk

I took this picture of Juice making his chain mail gloves.  A tutorial is in the works (hence the pictures) but I really liked this one for some odd reason.

Step 4, hook links together

I like the depth of field and the picture of Juice with tools in his hands. Something he loves to do.

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