JustLuxe Trip Giveaway: Good luck!


I think I need a vacation. How about you guys? And 4 nights in a $7,000 luxury suite sounds like my kind of vacation! Throw in a personal chauffeur and an exotic car rental (my personal favorite is a cherry red convertible…except I may want to drive that one myself!) round trip airfare, and that sounds like a trip of a lifetime!

Chances are, you might be able to win it in the “Trips of a Lifetime” sweepstakes, sponsored by JustLuxe. And if you do win, expect me and my lovely family to crash with you for a night.

JustLuxe is the largest affluent lifestyle guide in the world, and they’ve teamed up with some of the most prestigious hotels in the world to offer luxury vacation giveaways every month. Featured destinations are Paris, Greece, St. Lucia, Vienna, and others. Where will you go? I’ve always wanted to see Paris! And Greece sounds beautiful. Maybe the beach would be better?

The grand prize winner will get a 4 night stay in suite at the Halekulani Hotel and Resort in Honolulu. Beach does sound really good! Paying for this kind of trip yourself would cost more than $30,000.

Head to JustLuxe to enter.

I hope you win that trip!


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$45 Giveaway!


As you all know, we’ve had a giveaway from CSN stores on here before. Well, here’s another one! CSN stores have everything you could want, including drop leaf tables. Aren’t these things the cutest? I want one.

We got our extra set of kitchen chairs from CSN stores and they are great. What would you be shopping for? I am still browsing those dining and dreaming of the day when we can get a great one.

Want 45 dollars to buy something fun at CSN stores? Here’s your chance! Leave me a comment telling me what you would buy with the 45 dollars if you win.

Giveaway runs until 10pm EST on Halloween! Comment as many times as you would like.

Happy Commenting!

Down Day


Today we took a break from being tourists to just rest.  (Rest is a relative term here.)  The boys rested.  Butterfly went to school.  Grandpa rested.

Nana and I went shopping.

Well, all of us went shopping first at IKEA.  Except for Butterfly who was in school and Juice who was working.  Man I love that store.  I would buy everything I could in that store if I had money.  As it is, I bought meatballs and a stool for the sink in the bathroom downstairs.  Big spender!

The boys took a nap and Nana and I went out to the mall.  We’re looking for Christmas outfits for the kids.  No such luck, though.  We are a little early for it.  But I start planning out my Christmas now.  I even have several presents bought.  Does anyone else do that?

After dinner, we took the kids to the park to get their picture taken.  And ice cream.

Pretty restful day if you ask me!


PS- Today’s giveaway is all about doing something with your kids while you are NOT going out to be a tourist.  Butterfly loves to play games.  And this game that Pressman Toys sent me, is just up her ally!

You see, it’s a code breaking game for young kids.  In this vertical version of MASTERMIND designed for kids, players secretly stack their animals into a tower. By asking yes or no questions, they try to find the order of the animals. The game can be played at three different levels. You can even mix up the difficulty levels.  Juice and Butterfly play this way:  Butterfly has 6 animals that Juice needs to find, and Juice has 4 animals that Butterfly needs to find.  Both are happy with the level of difficulty.  The  first player to break the code of his or her opponent wins!

Want to be a winner yourself?  Comment below!  Let me know what was your favorite game as a child.  I personally loved The Game of Life.

For an additional comment: vote for my picture here!  Then come back and tell me you did.  Thanks a million!

Happy Commenting!

PPS-  Just so you know, I was given this game by Pressman Toy for free to review and I get to keep the game at the end of my review period, which I’m really happy about because we play it ALL THE TIME.

Utah Day 6


Today I had a blast at the Casual Blogger’s Conference!  I only wish I had bought the 2 day pass instead of the one day pass.  I seriously felt like I learned a ton.  And my favorite part of these things?  Making new friends!!  But it was a very long day after a very late night last night.  And since I love bullets, here’s some of the things I remember:

Now, I’m off to go watch Juice fix my mom’s dryer.  I love being married to MacGyver.




After I got out of the shower the morning I noticed that the boys were very quiet.  It’s not unusual for me to find them into some kind of mischief after my quick “splash and dash”.  So I went in search of them and found them in our spare bedroom on the bed.  (Flower, we’re ready for you!!)  They had found my stash of travel SEED products and had tossed them around the room.  By the time I walked in, they were snuggled up together on the bed desperately trying to get the boxes of soap open.

And when they put their minds to it, they get what they want!  I thought they were so cute surrounded by soap boxes so I whipped out my camera.  Sadly, I didn’t get them surrounded in boxes by the time I came back from getting my camera.  But I did get some very cute ones!

Little Boy Seed

Twins showing off soap

Of course, the fun ended when Professor decided to try and take a huge bite out of the soap.

And it’s so nice that they decided to showcase my last giveaway! I’ve extended the deadline and you can comment and enter up until midnight EST. I’ll count all the comments on this post as well.

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I’ll post tomorrow who won! Good luck everyone!


Juice’s Sick Day


Why is it when I get sick I have to soldier on and still try to keep the house together and feed children while feeling terrible but when Juice gets sick he gets to lock himself in our room and watch movies all day long?

Because that’s what happened today.  Looks like he caught the stomach thing that the kids had.  I DO NOT WANT THIS.  I have tons of stuff to do this week that I can’t put off.

So while he slept and watched non-animated movies uninterrupted, we went to a birthday party, ran a few errands, I worked for several hours while the boys slept, I got them dinner and did some planning for our upcoming trip.  So I basically had my normal day but had him always on my mind.  Plus, I was a super nice wifey and brought him broth and water in bed.

Hopefully he’ll be better by tomorrow and will go to work so I can have a normal day!

Tonight’s winner of the $10 Land’s End Gift card is…my Dad!  Congrats Dad and thanks for commenting.  I’ll bring your card next week.

And remember, my other giveaways are still open!

SEED Power Travel Kit

Ergo Baby Carrier

Hand Beaded Necklace and Earring Set


Question of the Week: Identity


This week’s question of the week on Multiples and More blog is all about identity.

My twins are 2 years old.  And they look NOTHING a like.  One had brown hair.  One has brown eyes.  One has blond hair.  One has blue eyes.  One is bigger than the other.  Because they are fraternal, they just happen to be 2 siblings with similar genetic code that happened to be born on the same day from the same mother.  Me!

I’m not sure about this one yet.  The jury is still out.  I will see in 3 years when they go to school!

Right now, I keep them in the same activities.  They WANT to do the same thing.  They fight over the same toys (even if I have 2 of the same thing…they fight over ONE hammer of two)  If one has a blanket, the other wants one.  If one has a cookie, the other has to have one!  Too bad this doesn’t work with Professor and his eating dinner though…why is that?

Dressing the same…hmm….When I was pregnant with them I swore I would never dress them the same.  But then they came out and they were so stinking cute dressed alike!  So yes, I do dress them the same.  Occasionally.  I must prefer to have them wear coordinating clothes.  Like both wearing blue stripes, or one has orange shorts and one has an orange shirt on.  Or one has red shorts and the other has red overalls on.  You get the idea.  This also makes it easy on me and laundry.  Now if someone has a blow out or spills on their clothes, I don’t change the other one who is clean just to keep them matching!  Names…that’s a whole different story.  My only requirement for our names was for everyone to have different initials.  How else could I label things?

I think just treating them as they need, and not as I think they should.  Life is not always fair.  So different people need different things in their lives.  I hope that I will be able to give all of our kids what they need.  And by doing that, I will encourage their own individuality.

Welcome to my week of winners!  Today’s very first winner is my friend Susan @WhyMommy.  Susan won One and the Same: My Life as an Identical Twin and What I’ve Learned About Everyone’s Struggle to Be Singular by Abigail Pogrebin.  She can now read about how this identical twin went looking for her identity.

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All Giveaways Open


Today is the day that all my giveaways are open! They start ending tomorrow evening so get to comment. You can comment more than once, you know. Just make sure it’s not the same comment over and over. That’s just not cool.

SEED Power Travel Kit

Ergo Baby Carrier

Hand Beaded Necklace and Earring Set

$10 Lands End Gift Card

$25 AMC Gift Card

One and the Same by Abigail Pogrebin

Today was Butterfly’s birthday party. It’s also the night I decided to go to bed at around midnight. And it’s the night that Professor had a hard time sleeping. I think his belly caught up with the rest of them because he had several blow outs last night and today. Ugh.

The party was a smashing success, once it got going. I didn’t anticipate it taking so long to set up. The kids seemed to have a great time, though.  There were prizes.  There were tickets.  There was a bounce house.  (Loaned to us by Lolli!)  It was a very fun carnival.  Then everyone had lunch, and we opened presents.  And I am beat.  And Juice is too.  Here’s just a few pictures.  More information when I have more brain power and sleep!

Birthday Party

Butterfly is 5!

Today’s giveaway is from White Rabbit Works, who is the designer of my blog. Didn’t she do a great job? She was so helpful too, answered all my questions and it turned out beautifully. Don’t you think? She is offering $100 off any blog redesign as well as a free button! This is an amazing deal…don’t be afraid to take her up on this. She did beautifully on this, don’t you think?


GMYBS- Links on a Chain


I have been running from one thing to another day getting ready for Butterfly’s big birthday bash tomorrow.  We’re having a carnival and hopefully it will turn out okay.  I’ve got a million and one things running through my head.  Mostly I’m just happy I found my underwater camera that is my video camera today.  It has a tendency to walk away in small hands.  This time, I found it in my camera bag.  Imagine that.

Ahem…moving on.


Tonight we had the great pleasure of going to a wedding of Juice’s cousin.  It was a lot of fun to see all of our relatives, and to have everyone remark on how SIMILAR Butterfly and Pirate were to all the other little cousins running around.  Gotta love those genes and how they show up!  Also, it’s fun to hear of all my cousins who read the blog.  Hi guys!

Juice’s cousin was in charge of pictures and asked me to bring my camera along and help out a little.  I was a bad phototog and didn’t charge my batteries.  So the camera ran out of juice right as they were cutting the cake.  (See Dad this is why I need a battery grip!)  Still, Jenny was able to get some good pictures (I just handed my camera over to her.  You try wrangling 3 kids and try and take pictures!)  I was also able to help her stage family shots and get every one’s attention.  Juice’s comment after we were done with the pictures: “Your dad would have been so proud.”


Joining Lolli and her picture meme this week.

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and Lolli

Give me your best shot at Better in Bulk

I took this picture of Juice making his chain mail gloves.  A tutorial is in the works (hence the pictures) but I really liked this one for some odd reason.

Step 4, hook links together

I like the depth of field and the picture of Juice with tools in his hands. Something he loves to do.

Today’s giveaway is brought to you by the wonderful people of SEED Power Body Care. Do you remember when Lolli and I washed our hair together for the vlog contest? And that I won a sponsorship to BlogHer ’10 in New York City because of those suds? I’m still using their shampoo bar (and loving how my hair looks and feels!) and SEED wants you to use it to! They are offering 3 travel kits of their products to 3 lucky winners!


To enter in this contest you need to comment! I love love love comments so please, comment as much as you think you can. For every comment you leave you get an entry to win these fabulous products.

For extra entries:

Seriously people, you want to win this one. As always, the giveaway ends one week from today.

Now get going!


No Chocolate Chocolate Smoothie


The first time I gave these smoothies to my kids, Butterfly said, “Oh wow! Chocolate!” Sadly, there is no chocolate in this drink, but the kids just guzzle it down. It’s oh so healthy and super easy to make.

First, you start with some yogurt. I use the yogurt I make in my crock pot using whole milk and this recipe. Totally works.

Next, add some honey. I honestly eyeball the honey in my smoothie. I’m guessing it’s about a 1/4 of a cup that I add. I add the honey because frankly, that yogurt I make is not sweetened and is pretty strong! I’m sure you can use less honey if you want or omit it completely if you’re using sweetened yogurt. I just choose not to.

Then toss in some fruit. I’ve got small bags of 8-10 strawberries frozen in my freezer that work out perfectly. I also really like bananas, frozen kiwi (just skin the kiwi and pop them in individual bags in the freezer), frozen blueberries, etc. You can use any fruit you’d like. We just happen to love strawberries and blueberries here so that’s what we use the most. You can use fresh fruit if you’d like. I like using the frozen stuff because it makes the smoothie cold and have a good smoothie texture.

Now this is the secret ingredient. Spinach. You read it right, a whole huge handful of spinach. I buy it in big bunches from the Asian market here. Wash it, and break any stems off and put it into the blender. You don’t have to dry it because the extra water helps it blend together.

Next, drop in a few ice cubes. If you can.

This last step is important. Add a splash of juice. You can use any kind of juice, but I like the nectars that are a little more thick. I also LOVE to put carrot juice in here. Right now I happen to have guava nectar.

Now blend! If you find that the spinach isn’t blending down, stop the blender and push it down. You can also add another splash or 2 of juice or even milk to get things moving.

Smoothie Before it's Blended

No Chocolate Chocolate Smoothie

1 cup whole milk plain yogurt
1/4 cup honey (or less)
8-10 strawberries, frozen or fresh
any other fruit you want- bananas, blueberries, kiwi (which is excellent frozen), pineapple, pears, berries, peaches
one BIG handful of fresh spinach, stems broken off and washed
one handful of ice, or 6-8 ice cubes
a splash of juice- 100% carrot preferably

Blend it up and enjoy! Makes enough for 3 full tall sippy cups of it as well as a 16 oz glass for me.

Yes, it’s brown when it’s blended. Yes, Butterfly thinks there is chocolate in it and I haven’t told her there isn’t. Yes, it’s GOOD. This is what Butterfly requested on the morning of her birthday for breakfast. I don’t have an after picture for you (I think I was tired that morning) but it’s really great. I feel good that the kids are getting their veggies in, and also their fruits and yogurt!

Today’s giveaway is a big one. First, look at this cute picture of me and my boys.


Aren’t we adorable. We were hiking with Lolli and her family in Harper’s Ferry that day. I had one of Lolli’s wraps on the front and a Ergo carrier on the back. It was my very first use of it and it was amazing. Boy do I love this carrier. It’s easy to put on. It’s easy to put the kid in. And it’s so very comfortable! I like that I can carry both boys around and still have my hands free with this set up.

Now, after having it for over 2 months, the boys scream “RIDE!!” whenever they see it. I either leave it in the car tucked under the seat (and out of sight) or I’m constantly getting it shoved in my face with little boys who want to ride in it. Juice has even carried Butterfly around in it, in all her 60 lbs of limbs. And really, the carrier can withstand up to 90 lbs so she’s perfectly safe. She even said it was really comfortable.

Do you want one? I have one to give away. It looks just like the one I’m carrying Pirate with on my back in the picture.

To enter, you must do 2 things. First, leave a comment. I love comments. Next, you have to join my blog via my cool new thing: Google Friend Connect. If you were a previous follower of my blog before, you get an extra entry! And for one more extra entry, you can tweet about it, including @safirecat so I can keep track of them.

As always, this giveaway will end a week from today.

Happy Commenting and let me know how you like that smoothie!


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