Watering the Plants


Okay, so you guys know I have a garden right?  This garden is producing some radishes!  (Not that I eat them.) And I have baby squash growing!  (Very excited for this one.)

Also, peas and carrots are growing.  Along with corn, beans, tomatoes, and a bunch of spices.

But do you know what is annoying?


This is a community garden, so a lot of things are on their time.  Like installing water for us to use.  That didn’t happen until last week.  So I had been driving water from my house to the garden in my 32 gallon garbage can.

Then they installed the cistern and filled it!  There was much rejoicing!

Except…they put it on the OTHER side of the garden.  The first day I hauled bucket after bucket to the garden, taking almost 2 hours to water.  (The boys love to help me at the garden.)

Then, the next time, I started with buckets but couldn’t take it any more.  I borrowed a neighboring garden’s wheelbarrow and filled that up and hauled back and forth.

Today, I brought my garbage can and put it in the wheel barrow.  I only had to fill it twice, which is much much better than what we were doing.

And it only took me an hour to water!

These better be some awesome vegetables.

At least it gets the kids outside!


Saturday Fun


I had a great time today.  I think Juice had a perfectly miserable time at first, but all of my day was great.

I left Juice with the kids and went for a drive.  In the country.  So pretty!  I also visited a farm to look at their seedlings for my garden.  I got PURPLE peppers.  Right now it’s just a little plant plug, but I can’t wait to see what they grow into!

The farm was beautiful.  And if I do a garden next year, I’m buying all my plants from this farm dude.  He was fun to talk to.

In the country.

Then I did our weekly grocery shopping. Alone. Awww! I got to browse around for better deals, and marvel at something like this.

For sale at the market.

What IS that? Whatever it is, you can eat it. Anyone want to try?

I came home from my explorations to find Juice unhappy and stressed at the kids. He said the only reason we have children after today was nap time.

So after that blessed nap, we decided to take everyone on a bike ride to our garden.

My garden.

Isn’t it pretty? I like the rocks lining my beds. On the right, we have carrots (the big dirt patch top right), peas (which are dying, not sure why), and beans. Tomatoes, tomatillos, pumpkins, and the kid area of the garden (the patch of dirt they can dig in) that you can’t see.

On the left, corn and cucumbers on the top, the herb bed with cilantro (hopefully), basil, and parsley. Then comes peppers, lettuce, a spot for spinach which I think I’m going to skip this year, squash and radishes.

My goal, to be able to make this dressing from what I grow in the garden. If I can do that once, I’ll be happy. Of course, it would be nice to have peas and cucumbers too, but we’ll see.

Family bike ride to the garden.


Of course, since we rode our bikes to the garden, we had to ride home. I never knew I lived in such a HILLY area. Man, pulling the boys in their trailer is HARD. And Butterfly has a trail-a-bike which is like having a 70 pound waggly tail behind you. You better have some good balance or she’ll just tip you right over.



Car Shopping, Blisters, Graves, Oh My!


I don’t think I’ve mentioned this tidbit of information on here but Juice’s old beat up commuter car has died.  Died enough that we just don’t want to fix it.

Yay new car!

Boo car shopping.

Someone I know knew someone who knew someone who knew someone that had a Pontiac Firebird for sale.  Juice’s eyes gleamed when I mentioned that.  Apparently, when he was a little boy, he had a matchbox car of that car.  It was (for him) the coolest car ever and he wanted to have one when he was older.

After he told me that, we had to go look at it!  So we trucked the kids out around the beltway and looked at the car.  Eh.  We thought it would be in better condition than it was.  PLUS, it only had 2 seats in the back so there was no way we would ever be able to fit everyone in our family in it.  Juice said that it’s just not practical right now.  And when we are old and have tons of money to spare, we’ll buy a newer version of it and drive it on the weekends or something.

So we’re still in the market for some kind of car.

Have I mentioned that we have a community garden plot this year?  No?  Well, I haven’t been the best blogger lately.  Too much going on…

Oh right.  Community garden.  We took the kids out there tonight to see what the whole things was about.  It’s behind a play ground and next to a very old and very charming graveyard.  We dug rocks and sod clumps out of the newly turned grass field.  Juice got a blister.  We are trying to figure out how to keep these kids from running all over everyone else’s garden.  The play ground is too far away (and behind a big clump of trees) for me to feel safe in just sending them over there.  I was thinking of some string and all these sea shells we have from the beach last year so the string would be visible.

We did a lot of planning on where things were going to go.  (I REALLY hope I got the right plot!)  We still kind of have no idea what to plant.  What’s easy to grow?  Butterfly wants to plant strawberries and sunflowers.  The boys want anything we say.  I’d love to plant a bunch of herbs, cucumbers, and Juice wants peppers and peas.

After we were done with our (hopefully right) plot, we took a walk in the charming graveyard it’s next to.  The graveyard is hidden in an old forest.  We spent a lot of time walking from grave to grave between the trees.  The ground flowers were blooming all tiny white and yellow and purple.  The earliest grave there was in the 1930s, and 2008 was the newest one we noticed.

Everyone had baths and will sleep well tonight!