Falling Falling


Today Flower and I looked at our list and really decided what we are going to for the rest of the time she is with us. The weeks fly by fast in the summer and in 3 short weeks she will be leaving us! Sad!

Flower picked 6 things to do in the next 3 weeks. I’m excited for the things she picked! After we picked out 6 (actually 7, but we added the last thing since it was a tradition) things to do in the area, we decided to pack up and go do one of them. Right now.

So we threw together a lunch, threw the kids in the car, and drove off to this place:

Herron in Great Falls

Great Falls National Park, MD.

It’s so beautiful there! AND! They are doing construction big time there so they are not charging admission while they are doing construction. So locals, Great Falls in Maryland is FREE right now. Go. It’s beautiful.

We also saw a lot of wildlife there. Lots of birds, lots of fish, lots of frogs. The frogs were ADORABLE and tiny. Oh! And a lizard! Sadly, Soot our dog, chased that lizard away and no pictures of that one. The kids had a love/hate relationship with those frogs. They hopped. But they wanted to hold them. And they hopped.

Butterfly and Frog

Professor ended up yelling at me as we were leaving the park because “Wanna hold dagon! Wanna hold DAgon!” When he doesn’t get his way, he just yells what he wants louder. This little tantrum came because he wanted to hold a dragon fly and those things are hard to catch!

We all came home tired and filthy and hungry. What another fun day with Flower!