No School, No School


So today was some kind of teacher work day at school so the kids had off. Which meant Butterfly was home with us. Frankly, I’ve had enough days of all of us home bumming around doing basically nothing. So I invited our new friends to take advantage of our aquarium membership.

upsidedown jellyfish

We had the best day running around seeing all the fish. There was hardly anyone there, which is how I like it. That way, you have plenty of time (and room) to see all the fish you want. And besides Pirate falling off the back of the bench at the dolphin show and smacking his head, Pirate running fast up the escalator without anyone while I chased and pushed people aside with the screaming Professor in my arms to get to him, and well, the Screaming Professor, it was a great day.

jumping dolphin

I love getting to know new friends better! And what better way than to stick them in my car with me and drive for over an hour? Yep, good times.


Tell a Story One Sentence at a Time


Once upon a time there was a man who was sitting on top of a hill.

He was very smart.

And then ghost-es came by and his brains fell out.

The ghost-es ate his brains and they had very good brains.

The man had good eye site.

Then his eye sight fell out.

And the ghost-es ate his eye sight and then they could see really well.

Then the man had very good taste.

But his mouth fell out!

And then the ghost-es had very slimy mouths to eat.

Well then his eye sight, and his mouth sight, and his nose sight and his brain sight were all eaten by the ghost-es.

And then he died.

And the ghost-es were happy and flew away.

The End.

My very good friend, Lala and I, were supposed to go to Ikea today.  But that didn’t happen.  See, her mom died suddenly last night.  So she and her husband are on their way to her mom’s house.  And I have her 2 kids until they come back later on this week.  It’s a good thing that we hang out so much.  Her kids are having a fabulous time.  So am I actually.  They all play so well together.

Tonight Juice got Vinny (Lala’s 6 year old) and Butterfly going on a game.  Have you guys ever played that game where you tell a story one sentence at a time?  They are LOVING that game.  (Above is one of their stories from tonight.)

Congrats to Melissa (as in Zuke &) for winning the $45 CSN store giveaway!  Shoot me an email at safirecat at gmail dot com and I’ll get your code to you.


Utah Day 13


We are coming into our last few days here in Utah and then it’s back to home and humidity.  We’ve loved being here but I think it’s time to go back to our own house and our own routine.  I, for one, am looking forward to having different shirts to wear instead of the same thing

Today my Dad and I joined I Heart Faces on their photo walk across America.  We had a blast taking pictures and meeting a bunch of people in the group and in Salt Lake.  I’ll show some pictures when I get a chance to go through them.  Here is one of the last ones I took today of my dad.


When we got home, I had to get everything ready for our annual friend bbq.  We had just a few people this time, and were missing some key friends.  However, it was still a great time.  We all sat around the table and chatted while the kids ran screaming (literally) around the yard.  Heaven.

The kids didn’t get to bed until after 10pm tonight so tomorrow is going to be awesome, I can tell.


Utah Day 6


Today I had a blast at the Casual Blogger’s Conference!  I only wish I had bought the 2 day pass instead of the one day pass.  I seriously felt like I learned a ton.  And my favorite part of these things?  Making new friends!!  But it was a very long day after a very late night last night.  And since I love bullets, here’s some of the things I remember:

Now, I’m off to go watch Juice fix my mom’s dryer.  I love being married to MacGyver.