Breakfast with the Amish


We love to have breakfast at the local Amish market every summer.  This time, we went as soon as we could with Flower.  The boys LOVED their pancakes and strawberry jam.  Butterfly had chocolate chip pancakes, and Flower had a meal with pancakes.

I had one lone egg and some veggies I brought from home.  Sometimes dieting sucks.

But these pictures don’t!

Professor Strawberry Pancakes Amish 2011

Professor wanted “ti-angles” and probably used the most jam.

Pirate Strawberry Pancakes Amish 2011

Pirate used the other half of the jam, and only ate the edges. We took most of his home.

Butterfly Chocolate Pancakes with Flower Amish 2011

Butterfly insisted on putting every single topping on her pancakes. Never mind that they were chocolate chip. Syrup, jam, apple butter, grape jelly, peanut butter topping, and butter. Um, yum?

Yay for awesome breakfasts!


QOTW: Surprising Foods


This week’s question at the Multiples and More blog is all about what the kids eat.

What kinds of food do your children eat that surprises you?

I know I’ve talked a lot about the fact that all my kids are different kinds of eaters.  Butterfly eats well.  And loves anything sweet.  Pirate eats a few things until he is distracted by something else.  And Professor doesn’t eat unless talked into it.  Here are the few foods that surprise me about each kid.

Butterfly: She doesn’t eat potatoes.  She eats french fries and chips, but will not touch anything with the name ‘potato’ in it.  Very strange since we have potatoes a lot in our family.  I guess that surprises me because potatoes are such a nice, mild flavor that I just figured she would love them.  But she never has.  Even as a baby she was not a fan of them.

Pirate:  It surprises me that he won’t eat sweets.  He doesn’t like chocolate (unless it’s hot chocolate) or cake or pie or cookies or anything.  Even candy he doesn’t love.  Or ice cream.  He does love fruit snacks, and begs for them all the time.  That and bagels with cream cheese.

Professor:  This boy loves spicy things!  He will eat hot (not mild, hot) salsa and chips.  He loves spicy Indian food and calls it “Yummy Rice”.  He loves cayenne pepper on his potatoes (which he eats!) and his macaroni and cheese.  For as picky an eater he is, he really enjoys his spices.  Maybe I should give him spicier food and he won’t be so picky!

What crazy things do your kids enjoy eating?  (I need some ideas…we’ve hit a meal slump.)


The Great Grand Turkey


We bought our bird from our dairy farm.  They raise free range turkeys and the bird is never frozen.  This year, we brined our turkey before we cooked it.  SO GOOD.  And the leftovers were SO GOOD.  I’ve never made such a good bird before.  And it shows because today, Sunday, 3 days after Thanksgiving, and we have no more leftovers.  None!  It was one good bird.  The kids would just grab hunks from the fridge as snacks.

In honor of this great turkey, here are my 5 favorite things to do with leftover birds.

  1. Turkey Puffs.  Turkey, cream cheese, butter, all wrapped up in crescent roll dough and rolled in stuffing mix.  It’s Juice’s most looked forward to meal all year long.  More so than Thanksgiving.  And it’s for this meal, that I actually roast a bird.
  2. Open Face Turkey Sandwiches.  Using left over rolls, I put turkey and gravy on them and warm up the whole plate.  I can’t make this without a little Pirate joining me.
  3. Turkey frozen for soup.  Typically I will chop it up, and freeze it in 2 cup increments.  That way, if I need turkey for soups or salads, it’s right there waiting for me.
  4. Cheese and cracker appetizers.  These are surprisingly addicting.  We have had them for lunch for the past few days.
  5. And my absolute favorite way to use leftover turkey?  Broth making.  I love love love to take the carcass and simmer it for 24 hours with some carrots, celery, and onions.  This year I got 1 quart of broth out of our turkey.  Then I freeze it in 1/4 cups in muffin tins like good broth ice cubes.  The broth is so flavorful.  Much better than the store bought stuff.  Plus, it has a ton of minerals from the bone marrow that make it super healthy.

Anyone else have some good ideas for leftover turkey?  I’ll have to file them away until next year!