Bluberries Galore! Or 12 Pounds.


We went blueberry picking the other day and it was awesome.  I guess because of all the rain, our blueberries were huge, and easy to pick!  We were there for about an hour picking and we got 12 pounds of blueberries.  12 pounds!

Professor Blueberries 2011

We would have had more but someone would pick some, and then find a shady spot to eat, then pick some, then eat.  Okay, more than one someone would do that.

Pirate eating berries 2011

But between me and Flower, and some friends, we got PLENTY!

Butterfly told us all how blueberries grow (we’ve been talking about it) and told me that they make a “kaplink, kaplank, kaplunk” sound when you pick them. Guess what book we’ve been reading!

Butterfly and blueberries 2011

Once we were done eating picking, we went down to the huge slides they have for the kids.  Butterfly and her friends went down every slide.  It looked thrilling.

Butterfly on slide 2011

Checking out where she's been 2011


Blueberry muffins anyone?  We’ve got plenty!


Breakfast with the Amish


We love to have breakfast at the local Amish market every summer.  This time, we went as soon as we could with Flower.  The boys LOVED their pancakes and strawberry jam.  Butterfly had chocolate chip pancakes, and Flower had a meal with pancakes.

I had one lone egg and some veggies I brought from home.  Sometimes dieting sucks.

But these pictures don’t!

Professor Strawberry Pancakes Amish 2011

Professor wanted “ti-angles” and probably used the most jam.

Pirate Strawberry Pancakes Amish 2011

Pirate used the other half of the jam, and only ate the edges. We took most of his home.

Butterfly Chocolate Pancakes with Flower Amish 2011

Butterfly insisted on putting every single topping on her pancakes. Never mind that they were chocolate chip. Syrup, jam, apple butter, grape jelly, peanut butter topping, and butter. Um, yum?

Yay for awesome breakfasts!


Movies with Flower Saturdays, take 1


Our favorite thing to do with Flower while she is here is watch movies!  Okay, one of our favorite things to do even without Flower is watch movies.  Want to know what we’re watching?

Ruby in the Smoke: A Masterpiece Theater movie about a young woman who is caught up in a mystery.  There is a ruby.  And a seriously scary old lady.

Benny and Joon: A favorite of mine being a teenager.  And Jonny Depp is cute when he’s really young!  A must see, in my opinion.

The Sorcerers Apprentice: Flower only watched half of it (she was out with the youth from church) but she’d seen it before so that was no big deal for her.  Juice and I really enjoyed this one.  So much he said we could own it one day.  High praise from Juice!  I enjoyed it too.

We were light on movies this week.  Maybe we can get rolling next week.


Oh No, Not Again


About a month ago I caught a bad cold.  And it morphed into strep and not being able to swallow.  At all.

Guess who has a sore throat today?  Yep.  Me!  Again!

I’ve been doing this diet thing for a whole week and a half now and I’m still not quite liking it.  I have no idea if it’s working at all.  And that’s the most frustrating part!

Having Flower here has been so nice, and it’s only been one day!  I was able to go to the grocery store with her and the boys.  I also went alone.  ALONE.  Do you realize how big that is?!  And guess what?

I have a whole summer ahead of me of this!  *squee*

I also went visiting a friend.  No kids!  Butterfly had a few friends over today and they went to the park with Flower.  I got to stay home!

Seriously, this is heavenly.

Hey, if I do get sick, I might actually be able to sleep and get better.  Amazing!


Makes My Monday: Niece!


After a very long (and very chatty) drive to the airport, I got Flower!  (With the help of a few of Flower’s friends.)  We passed 3 accidents requiring emergency personnel.  Bad driving day.

Me and Flower

She is so nice, he said I could keep her…for a few months anyway.

Yay for Flower!


Starting Off June


I think I am a very list oriented person.  I like to see the steps all laid out, and I like to check them off.  Since there seems to be some things starting in June, let’s start off with a list for the month!

There, June.  In a nutshell.

Are you sure you want me to write every day?


[edited to add] I can’t believe I forgot one of the biggest things I’m doing this month!  Hello new healthy living and eating plan.  It’s tough, it’s involved, and I’m nervous about it.  You might hear about this one more than any of the others this month, and for the next 3 months!  (Which is how long, I’m told, this takes.  On average.)

Movies of the Week


We’ve had a busy week here at the Cooper household.  Which doesn’t leave much time for movie watching with Flower.  Especially since she went and had some teenage girl time in the form of a sleep over. But here’s what we watched this week:

Runaway Bride:  When we were at the beach, we drove through the town that this movie was filmed in.  And Flower had never seen it!  I have the soundtrack to this movie and it’s one of my favorites.  Although, I’m not sure why I don’t own it.  It just reinforced the time period in which I grew up because I thought all the clothes in it were really cute.  I wonder if I will continue to think that late ’90s clothes are cute.

Ballet Shoes: Emma Watson is in this one.  It’s about 3 girls who were found as babies and raised as sisters.  When their guardian disappears, they had to be trained in acting, dance, etc. in order to pay for their way.  This was an odd little show but really good!  Worth a watch.

The Count of Monte Cristo:  Flower said that she really liked this one.  She also said that it makes more sense when you see all of it and not just a random bit for school.  I’d agree with that one.  Juice likes it because there is sword fighting in it.  I like it for the funny little bits in it.  And we’re naming our next boy “The Maggot”.

That’s it for movies we watched together this week!  Flower watched The Spiderwick Chronicles and West Side Story with friends.  I watched Sneakers with Juice.

Sad to say, that this is one of the last Saturdays we have with Flower!  I can’t believe the summer is almost over and she has to go back home.   I’m sure her family will be thrilled to see her, but I’m super sad she’s going.  Maybe she can come next year?!


Weekly Movies


So beyond the “Go Diego Go” that Butterfly has been obsessed with, we have been watching a bunch of movies with Flower this week. Here’s a list of what we’ve been watching.

Murder By Death: I didn’t watch this one…I was working I think. Both Juice and Flower laughed out loud several times though and it has Maggie Smith in it, when she was really young. (Think Professor McGonagall.)

The Karate Kid: I love this movie! New kid moves in, gets beat up a lot, really likes a girl, gets beat up some more, gets taught karate by his maintenance man and wins karate tournament. Seriously, what’s not to love? Flower got bored during this movie I think. Personally I think the second one is the best one but she had to watch the first to get the back story.

Sylvester: A horse movie that I didn’t know existed! Cow girl trains a horse to jump and is able to take said horse to competition. (Basic horse movie plot.) It even had a bunch of actors and actresses that I know and like in it. And I got to see all the horse stuff I love. Flower missed most of it (due to her being in New York for Youth Conference) but sat through the ending because I wanted to see it.  She is so nice!

According to Greta: I watched this while Flower was at Youth Conference. It was a coming of age drama that was kind of crazy. Girl says she wants to kill herself, gets sent to grandparents’ house for the summer, gets a job, Grandma has a heart attack, girl doesn’t want to leave, everything is fine. Not one I would watch ever again.

Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark: Action. Rolling boulders, snakes, Egyptian temples, Nazis. Flower has never seen any of the Indiana Jones movies so we’re broadening her movie horizons. Also, there is a lot of blood and killing in that movie! Never noticed that before. Flower was amazed and interested in watching the rest of the trilogy plus one. Me too.

So that’s what we’ve been watching. Tune in next week for another run down of our movie watching persuits!


Give Me Your Best Shot: Blueberries!


Joining my friend Lolli online (and not in person, we haven’t hung out for a month!  Crazy for us!) for her best shot of the week.

Give me your best shot at Better in Bulk

Today we went to the local pick your own produce place and picked blueberries.  Oh so many blueberries.

12 and a half pounds of blueberries.

I think we’ve already eaten 3 pounds of them at home.  They are wonderful this year.  Large and juicy and so easy to pick.  The bushes were just heavy with them today.  And since it was the coolest day of the week, everyone and their dog was out picking.  (Literally, several people had dogs with them in purses and such.)

blueberries on bush

The kids had a great time picking.  Butterfly’s BFF Vinny and Lala came along to keep us company.  They picked about 4 lbs of blueberries and then helped us pick ours. 

Butterfly mostly played with Vinny but they were very cute together trying to out pick each other. I think they were just happy to be out of the house and together. Outside. Where they could (and were) as loud as possible.

We were there for only about an hour because it was so hot.  That and the boys were unhappy I wasn’t letting them eat the berries off the bushes.  I told them they could eat the berries off the ground but not off the bushes.

Pirate went right to work picking the blueberries.  He almost filled the bottom of his bucket.  He then promptly turned the bucket over and dumped the blueberries on the ground.  And then ate them.

Pirate picking blueberries

Professor, on the other hand, just buried himself into the bush and ate as many berries as he could get his little hands on.  His mouth and his fingers were purple.  He had the cutest little imp smile on his face that I could barely tell him to stop eating them.

Professor the imp

So sorry local pick your own produce place.  I think my boys must have eaten at least a pound of berries in the hour we were there.  But thanks for the awesome berries!  They taste great.

Coopers picking blueberries


Home Again, Home Again


Six people take up an entire row of an airplane.  It is not enough room for a 2 year old (Pirate) for 4 hours.  And it’s not enough room for his Mommy or the other people traveling with him.

Six people make a lot of luggage.  Especially when you try to cram stuff for five of the six people into one suitcase.  And especially when it decides to pop open and spread that crammed stuff all over the conveyor belt.  (It’s a good thing I ran out of time packing and shoved things, namely the underthings, into a plastic bag before tossing it into the suitcase.)

Six people also have a lot of carry-ons.  And when 2 of those people are actually carry-on, it creates a handful.  As several people reminded me today at the airport.  And in the airplane.

Six people do not get on a bus in a timely manner.  Especially when you add six people carry-ons and six people popped open luggage.  Which is broken now.  Rats.  Time for new luggage!

Six people eat a handful of blueberries from our very own bushes alarmingly fast.

Six people can be exhausted and excited all at once.  There will be six very happy heads resting on pillows tonight.


PS- We are a family of 6 for the summer!
Butterfly and Flower
Juice’s 16 year old niece, Flower, has come to stay with us until August.  This is her 3rd summer with us and I am SO excited.  I think she is too.  And Butterfly as well.