Easter in Pictures


Because I’m woefully behind with some posts, here I will give you Easter in pictures.

My parents were in town during our Easter celebration. Nana organized an Easter Egg hunt for the kids the day before. Butterfly was so excited to do it she wouldn’t stand still.

Butterfly excited

This video is of during the hunt. The screaming in the background is Professor who didn’t WANT to do SOMETHING of EXTREME IMPORTANCE so we left him crying on the porch and had fun without him. Don’t worry, he did eventually come around.

The kids each had their own color they had to look for. There were 10 of blue, yellow, and purple for each kid to have. Here is Pirate and Professor showing off their loot. (Not sure why I don’t have a picture of Butterfly and her basket…)

Pirate with his basket

Professor and his basket

Nana gave the kids some Easter presents, including new Easter clothes! Very exciting!

Easter from Nana

Easter morning brought Easter Baskets! The kids loved eating SOME of the candy. I need to remember that they aren’t all that fond of chocolate, especially Butterfinger eggs. I, on the other hand, think those things are wonderful!

Easter Baskets 2011

With candy, each kid got a few books (bought second hand at the twin sale) and a few little toys. Butterfly got a hand held microscope that was glued to her eye for a few days.

Easter Morning 2011

I think Professor tried to eat this one through the wrapper. Yuck!

Professor Chocolate

Pirate ate the heads off the chocolate chicks that he got and then didn’t want any more. I had a bite after him and it was not great chocolate!

Pirate Chocolate

Sunday morning we took a few pictures before church. Here are a few of my favorites.

Pirate Easter

Kids Easter 2011

P and P Easter 2011

Professor Easter 2011

Butterfly Easter 2011

Nice all 3 kids Easter 2011

Happy Easter 2011!