Outside Play


With weather in the upper 60s today, I figured we were all due for some serious outdoor play.  So once we got Sister and Daddy off to work, and I cleaned up the deck (we have no yard, where else do you think the dog does her business?), we went out to play!  The boys ran laps around our tiny little back yard.  They opened the shed and begged me to get their bikes out.  Or the wagon.  Or something!  They helped me sweep up the leaves that collected in the corners.  They asked me at least 80 times what I was doing.

I was pruning our blueberry bushes.  One is looking great!  The other…well, it’s a sad little stick in a pot.  BUT it is still green on the inside and hopefully a little water and sunshine will do it good.  The plants spent the winter right up next to the house to keep the roots from freezing in the pots.  Seems to have worked!

They ate lunch outside.  Why do they eat twice as much outside as they do in?  Food does taste better outside.

They both cried big tears when I brought them inside for naps.

When Sister came home from school, we went right outside and played!  Well, Butterfly did.  I wasn’t allowing the boys to go out because I needed to make dinner.  Those boys need supervision.  Butterfly happily decorated our sidewalks.

We spent an hour outside.  They ran races.  They threw rocks.  They fought the tree.  They dug in the dirt.  The firemen and the ambulance was called to our street.  We got an up close look at both the vehicles.  A toddler boy’s dream!  I talked to Butterfly about fire safety.  She had a fire drill at school today and so I said we would have a fire drill at home sometime soon.

Juice came home.  The kids ran around while Juice and I sat on our front step and talked.  We were visited by our UPS man and he is the best guy.

Sadly, with all the outdoor play, I burned dinner.  But it was somewhat salvageable.  They ate a ton and dinner and are currently sleeping like, well, babies.  Colds and all.

Tomorrow’s temperature is going to be in the mid 70s.  What should we do?


PS- My mom got tickets to the Easter Egg Roll this year!!  We are going!