Writing Prompt: Dream House


Today I have been wracking my brain to find out what to say.  No luck on my end, so I turned to the NaBloPoMo site and their writing prompt for the day.  Today’s prompt is all about my dream house.

What would your dream home/apartment/condo/yurt look like? Where would it be? Who’d live in it with you?

My dream house would look like a cabin.  In the woods.  In the mountains.  Surrounded by tall pine trees with a green roof and great big windows.  It would have a very long porch.  In fact, the porch would go all the way around the house and have a gazebo in one corner.  There would be a big barn just down the way from the house with room for 10 or 12 horses, a workshop for Juice, and an office for me.  To run my little horse business of lessons and boarding horses.

By the barn would be an arena to ride in.  And surrounding that would be pastures for the horses.  Also, an orchard for all the apple trees I’d love to have.  And the blueberry bushes.  And room enough for a garden.  And some chickens for my own eggs.  And a pond with fish.  For any kind of visitors we might have.

Speaking of visitors, I would love the house to have either enough room for those visitors, or a little guest house in the back.  Our neighbors would be our good friends.  But not close enough that we could see them from our house.  We would have beautiful views of snow topped mountains and the air would be crisp and cool and smell like Christmas all the time.

The kids would all have the types of rooms they would like.  There would be a beautifully lit playroom connected to a big grassy yard with shade trees that would change brilliant colors in the fall and be home for the birds in the summer.

Seriously sounds like paradise to me.