Bringing Clean Water To Others


My very cool and very talented cousin has the most amazing high school. It’s a private school in Utah and they go on these amazing school trips. Last year they went to the middle east for several weeks studying the people, geology, and culture of the lands they traveled in. Talk about amazing!

This year, they are planning on traveling Nepal and other parts of India. Their group is hoping to partner with the Partnership for Sustainable Development – Nepal (PSDN) to help bring clean drinking water to a rural village in the Kathmandu Valley this January. PSDN was founded on the belief that “all programs need to be implemented with the involvement of the local people in their own environment to secure a participatory and sustainable approach.” While in Nepal, they will be living with families in the village and will be working alongside skilled local contractors to accomplish their goal. They will have the opportunity to learn Nepali language and culture while also being able to interact and teach English to the children of the community.

I never did anything like this in high school! And I think it’s amazing that my cousin gets to! The group needs a few extra dollars to make this happen, though.

So if you’re in Salt Lake City, Utah and in the mood for some Indian food (please have some butter chicken for us, it’s our family’s favorite), please join them TOMORROW night from 5pm-9pm at The Himalayan Kitchen in Salt Lake City (360 S State Street). The Himalayan Kitchen will have prepared a special buffet. And for $25, you can enjoy dinner, including desert and a drink. You’ll also be able to meet the kids that are going and help a good cause.

Can’t go? Want to donate so they can help bring clean water to others? Check out the group’s FirstGiving site.

OR, if you comment on this post, I will donate 50 cents per comment up to $25. Multiple comments count! Comments close Thursday at midnight EST.

Thanks for your support and your comments! Now let’s see if we can do some good for this group.