Top 10 Reasons for Being a Dog Owner


10.  Dogs can be helpful.  My dog loves to pull the legs of the giant crickets we have and then leave them jumpless and defenceless for me to step on.  They can also kill mice.

9.  Dogs can be companions.  I have noticed that my dog has been following me around lately.  She goes into the room I go into.  She is constantly watching me.  And after having the kids chase me around the house while I’m trying to have a conversation on the phone, having a dog chase me too is just so helpful.

8.  Dogs can be fun.  This is especially true when they decide to roll in the mud/muck/filth and then rub it on your couch.

7.  Dogs give you someone to think about other than yourself.  Well, if you are a good dog owner that is.

6.  Dogs make great dust busters.  For crumbs.  Except when you have to police what they eat because dog farts are silent and deadly.

5.  Dogs are happy to be outside with you.  Or not with you.  Any kind of outside is good.  Okay, maybe especially with out you.

4.  Dogs can be protection.  From scary mean things like vacuum cleaners and the moon moving.

3.  Dogs are loyal.  Except when they are not and then make you wonder about how good of an owner you are.  See point #7.

2.  Dogs are members of your family.  That you lock away in a cage when the mood strikes and call it their bed.  Sadly, this does not work as well for children as it does for dogs.

1.  Dogs are giving.  Sometimes, they give you a huge diarrhea mess to clean up in the morning.  All over the dining room.  And sometimes they give you a huge puddle of dried pee in the kitchen.  That has been walked over and walked around the kitchen so that no place in the kitchen (or the dining room for that matter) is untouched with dog excrement.  And sometimes, it takes you an hour to clean it up in the morning before school.  And sometimes, you curse owning a dog/taking away her cage/locking her in the house because the dog is just so giving.