Shiny Sharp Chompers


Today was our 6 month visit with the dentist. We really enjoy our dentist and have been going to her since we moved here, 8 years ago. She has a picture wall that shows all her “kids” and Butterfly is on there…at 2 and a half years old! She looks SO cute. And the boys on their first visit to her had such long hair!

So I went first. No cavities for me. Yay hooray.

Then Pirate. As long as he had his blankie, he was fine. Maybe.

You want to see...what?!

Kind of. He was a champ though. I got to sit with him the whole time and watch him use the spit sucker like he has been using it for 30 years. He did everything the dentist asked him to. And he got a prize! A tooth keeper, not because he needs one, but because Sister has one.

Then Professor. He was happy to have his turn and was ready to see the dentist and show her his teeth.

See my teeth?

I’m really not sure what happened but he ended up in a huge SCREAMING sobbing fit. All the dentist wanted to do was count his teeth with the sharp tool thingy. Yeah, no. I had to leave because he was just distraught and refusing to look at her.

After she worked some kind of magic and he left without a sticker (he got a tooth keeper too, so don’t worry he did get something!) and he came out to me happy but slimy from snot and spit. Poor kid.

Butterfly did great. No cavities for her either.

Or Juice either. Yay for another 6 months!


First Dentist Trip


So today we went to the dentist as a family this afternoon.  It was the boys’ very first time sitting in the chair!  We’re all cavity free here (yay hooray!) and they took xrays of Butterfly’s teeth.  You can TOTALLY see all her permanent teeth coming in under her baby teeth.  That was amazing to see!  I wish I had gotten a picture of that.  We’re betting her bottom teeth will fall out before her top ones.  Anyone got any money to back that up?

Pirate did sort of okay.  I had to hold his hand the whole time and the dentist couldn’t count his teeth.  But he did agree to be brushed and they counted then.  20 teeth!  The dentist got a quick peek before he got totally fed up with the process.  He’s got a small chip on his front tooth, but nothing to worry about.

Pirate at the dentist

Professor agreed to have his teeth counted and was super excited when he got to hold the mirror. But then the hygenist showed him the tool she was going to use and he shut his mouth and would barely open after. I had to kind of hold his mouth open for the brushing and the checking. He’s our binkie baby and boy is it starting to show on his teeth! He’s still got a ton of space between his teeth so they aren’t really that worried about it now.

Professor at the dentist

A pretty good report, and all without naps!