Pro/Con Lists


Did you guys watch Gilmore Girls? My brother got me hooked on them and now we own all seasons. And I think they are so cute! Well…until she goes to college. Then it gets weird and forced and I typically don’t watch those seasons. ANYWAY, do you remember the episode where Rory gets accepted into 3 big schools and they are trying to decide where she should go? How do they decide that?

By making a pro/con list of course!

Luke says, “Hey — which school teaches how to make an important life decision without doing a stupid pro/con list? Whichever one it is, add it to the pro column.”

I have been making a huge pro/con list in my head all day today. And tonight, I finally wrote it down. Not as big as I thought it would be! BUT. We have a major family decision coming up so I was hoping to be prepared. For when the decision actually has to be made.

Wonder which side is winning? Con by one. This is going to be a tough decision!


PS- I realize that I have made you super curious about WHAT kind of decision we will be making. But I will include all of you, my faithful blog readers whom I adore, when I can. Then you can help me add to the pro/con list.