Give Me Your Best Shot: Roar


Pictures from the aquarium on my birthday. The boys LOVE love love the alligators. They call them “roars” and really spend time studying them. I’ve taken some pictures so you can study them too!

Sleeping Alligator

Alligator Eye

My parents and I went to Eastern Market today. We drove down and did a little driving tour of the monuments as I tried to hear the GPS over Little Einstein in the background. We found street parking on the block (amazing!) and walked up and down the market.

Eastern Market DC

It is smaller than I thought it would be. But lots of fresh stuff. We had a great lunch at the counter. Apparently, they have the most amazing pancakes there, but only on Saturday. I’m determined to get there one Saturday and taste them!

Fresh fish, chicken, pork (I watched them bring in a pig from a truck and cut it up right there for someone.) and fruit. Also, good cookies. The Market is open Tuesday-Friday 7am – 7pm
, Saturday 7am – 6pm
, Sunday 9am – 5pm, Monday Closed.

So if you’re in the area of the capital building, take a short walk to Eastern Market and have lunch. Or better yet, go on Saturday and get amazing pancakes!

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Park and School


Today while Butterfly was in school, we took the boys to see Clara Barton’s house and Rock Creek Park.

Clara Barton House

The Clara Barton house was closed for asbestos removal.

But we sat on her porch and listened to the ranger talk about her life.  She was a fascinating lady!  She was at several of the battles in the civil war.  She started a school.  She worked for the US government in a time where women working was very uncommon.  She started the Red Cross in America.  She lived till she was in her late 80s and ran the Red Cross from her house.  That house next to Glen Echo Park.

They did let us in for a quick peek at house and made us wish we could go in farther.  This is the second time we’ve tried to go to this house with my parents and it just has never worked out.  3rd times a charm, right?

After the house, we walked over to Glen Echo Park.  That used to be a resort area for people from the city.  They had their own train from DC that would run every day.  They had an enormous lake named The Crystal Pool with a sandy beach area.  There was room for about 3000 swimmers.  It was once a midway, with rides as well.

Glen Echo Park

Now they have the carousel still going (only on Saturdays and Sundays now that school is in session, seen above) and they’ve turned it into a nature center.  They do a lot of classes like pottery, photography, art, nature, etc.  They no longer have The Crystal Pool but have a nice play ground instead.  They also have a big picnic area, a ball room, and a puppet theater.

I miss Butterfly on these days because we always have so much fun.  I think she’s enjoying school though.

Her first back to school night was tonight.  It was a lot of fun!  She marched us all around the school.  We saw her art room (after asking directions), the music room, the gym, the cafeteria, her class room, her teacher, her cubby, and her drawing.  She made a monster book to show us but didn’t finish it in class.  So she sat right down in the chair and finished it herself.

Butterfly Cutting

Her teacher said that she is very particular.  She would be after having Juice as a father.  :)  This makes her very detail oriented.  Her teacher was also surprised to hear that she did not go to pre-school since she knows a lot of things that the other kids don’t yet.  Of course, there are things she doesn’t know that everyone else knows.  I think that’s pretty normal.  Her teacher also mentioned that she has a lot of good ideas for the class to help things go smoothly.  Mrs. Madeline considers Butterfly a leader in the class.

Way to go little girl!  She is rocking in school.


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Party Day 2


Since Butterfly had the day off of school today, we thought we would go and do something big and fun.  Kind of like yesterday.  We are great tourists, if nothing else.

Today’s tourist spot was Georgetown.  This is someplace I have not really been to see.  Sure, I’ve driven through it.  And once I caught a bus there.  So today was getting to know this cool old section of town.  It was founded in 1751 so it predates Washington DC!  But now that it’s a part of DC, it’s known for it’s upscale restaurants and shops.  We had a good time window shopping while we walked around.  Nice stuff!

We first stopped at the Old Stone house, which was built in 1765.  It is the oldest standing structure in Washington DC.  Why did this house survive when all the others around it were being torn down?  A story.  Folklore.  Apparently, after the Revolutionary War, the government took land from Virginia and Maryland to make DC.  They asked George Washington and Pierre Charles L’Enfant to lay out the city.  They met in a place called Suter’s Tavern.  Well, Suter Jr. had been renting a room in the Old Stone House at the time.  People believe that Washington and L’Enfant actually met in the Old Stone House for awhile instead of the tavern.  Is it true?  Probably not.  No one really knows.  But a cool piece of history none the less.

old stone house georgetown

At one point, the house was a shop for hats, tailors, locksmiths, clock makers, house roofing, house painting, and a used car dealership. The dealership used the back yard as a parking lot.  But in 1953, the National Park Service bought it and made it into a house museum.  Today it’s about 85% true to it’s 1700’s construction.  And the back yard is a BEAUTIFUL garden.

old stone house garden

We spent most of our time running through the garden.  The garden is open every day from dawn to dusk, and the house from 8am-5pm (I believe).  Admission is free.

After the house, and lunch, we decided we needed to try Georgetown Cupcakes.  There’s always a line to get it.  It must be good, right?


crazy stickers

Seriously, I think these are the best cupcakes I have ever eaten!  It’s worth the 20-30 minute wait in line to get these!  I had vanilla/vanilla and salted carmel.  Oh so good.  No pictures of these because they were just too good and we ate them.


We also walked along the canal a bit.  What a fun day.

On the C&O canal Georgetown

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DC Adventure, again


Tickets for a “tall bus” as ordered by Butterfly were on the agenda today.  They were graciously given to us by a friend who had no use for them.  We took friends along!  Butterfly got to climb the stairs in the bus and was beyond thrilled!

Happy Butterfly

There was a lot of this:

Green Statue in DC

and this:

DC street

and I saw a lot of DC I’ve never seen before.

Including one neighborhood in Georgetown where the bus broke down and we had to wait an hour for another.  We got to know that street really well. Also, my head got to know a very sharp branch at one point. Ouch!

After that neighborhood there was a lot of this:

Tired Boys on Double Decker Bus in DC

And once we got home (around 6:30 pm…sorry Lolli!) there was a lot of ice cream and beds.


PS- Happily linked to Lolli (who shared this adventure and took better pictures I’m sure because she did not have 2 toddlers in her lap and who let us use her teenager who has a good heart) and Lolli’s Give Me Your Best Shot.



Our earlier conversation:

I know! Let’s go see museums today because the forecast said it’s supposed to be 102 degrees today.

Washington Monument from Old Post Office Tower

Okay! The museums are inside so there will be air conditioning!

Sounds great! Let’s go.
Kids on top of DC

Our later that day conversation:

Who thought up this “great” plan? It’s stinking hot out here. I forgot you actually have to walk from the metro to the museums.

I know. It’s hot!

Why didn’t we pick museums that are closer together? This walking 2 blocks to see something else is not a good idea. It’s hot!

Butterfly in art museum

Our much later conversation that day:

I’ve never had a whole metro car to myself before! This is great!

No, it’s not. It’s hot.

Yes, well, when the metro air conditioning doesn’t work, you get to have cars all to yourself during rush hour!

Yes, it’s hot.

Wanna change cars?


We had an adventure today.


Then There Was DC


What a day!  First there was this:
Butterfly in Garden DC

And then there was this:
Smithsonian Castle

Next there was:

[a picture of the kids and Flower outside the National Aquarium Downtown]

And then there was:

[a totally awesome picture of a sea horse]

[a picture of the kids in front of the viewing area for the ‘roars’ aka the alligators]

And after there was:

[a picture of the Washington Monument with dark storm clouds]

And then there was:

[a picture of Butterfly standing in the rain deluge]

And once we got home, wet, (after a very awful metro ride with rude people who swore at me) there was no power in the house.

Until 4am.

And!!  I’m an aunt again!  Congrats to my brother and SIL on their new addition born today, a 9lb baby brother for Cappy.  No internet name yet.  9 lbs!

What a day.


PS- I have no pictures because I ran out of the uploads for flickr this month and I’m too tired to invest time in turning pro.  More pictures on July 1st when I can upload again.