Saturday Afternoon Date


Why would anyone go on a date in the afternoon?  Don’t most people go on dates in the evening?  Isn’t that the best time to date?  Not necessarily.  Here are some benefits of dating in the afternoon.

1.  Cheaper meals.  Most places have the same thing for lunch and dinner, only their lunch menu is lighter in price.  And in serving size!

2.  Every thing is open.  Want to go to the movies?  Shopping?  Bowling?  All these things can often close earlier than you’d like (okay, not the movies) which limits your activities.  Plus, movies are often cheaper during the day!

3.  Sunlight.  Like hiking?  Horseback riding?  Canoeing?  All these things need daylight to do.  Well, I SUPPOSE you could do these things in the dark but it wouldn’t be very smart.

4.  Babysitter availability.  Often babysitters are very booked on Friday and Saturday nights.  Most teenagers have football games or parties themselves to go to.  By going out on a Saturday, you can have your pick of babysitters!

5.  Be out while the kids are up.  I don’t know about you guys, but babysitting at my house in the evening is a breeze.  I time it so the boys are down for bed, and Butterfly has only 20 minutes or so to be up.  So really, the babysitter is just there to sit.  But if we go out on Saturday afternoon, the babysitter has a chance to play with the kids, feed them lunch, help them clean up, etc.  And the best part about it?  I don’t have to do it.  AND I can come home and enjoy a quiet clean house after the kids go to bed.

So the next time you are planning on a date with your significant other, I strongly suggest an afternoon date.


PS-  Juice and I enjoyed one of these today.  Nice lunch, nice book reading in quiet time, and nice soaking up the sun time.  Very nice.