Vote for Us! Please!


This week at the Multiples and More site is their monthly installment of pictures.

All of them are REALLY cute.

But the cutest of all?  MINE.  (Of course.)

Grandkids2011 278

This is a picture of my boys and their cousin Cappy (who is in the middle).  Cappy and my boys are about 6 weeks apart in age and LOVE to play with each other.  Here, my dad caught them playing Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes during a family photo shoot.

They are just so dang cute together!

Grandkids2011 311

So can you pretty, pretty please go over to the Multiples and More site and vote for our picture?  I don’t get anything but bragging rights and you don’t get anything other than being awesome.  And prettier.

So vote.  PLEASE!


Grandkids2011 268

Utah Day 10


After a super late night last night (thanks Momster for the fun time!) and a very busy night with Butterfly and Professor, we decided to stay in and just have a down day.

Apparently, Butterfly is not allowed to watch Scooby Do. Every time she does, she has bad dreams. Last night’s dream was about a skeleton that no one could kill and it was in Nana’s house. Scary stuff! Professor woke up at least 2 times before she did, each time needing a binkie find and a back rubbing. Butterfly complained about the nightmare only about half an hour later. I snuggled in bed with her for about an hour, and then went back to my own bed and a huge crick in my neck. She got up to use the restroom. I kicked Juice out of bed (much to his annoyance) to go snuggle with her some more.

And once he was back in bed, Professor needed a binkie find. Then early this morning he cried again but found his binkie himself. Unfortunately, he woke me up. 6am baby. Thanks a lot kid!

The rest of the day has been filled with little fun tidbits. Like I went running (I know!) and left the kids, including Cappy, with Juice for 20 minutes. Not once, but twice did I see one of the brood in the middle of the street chasing after me.

I went to my annual girl lunch with my BFF Mink, sans kids. It was so nice to just sit and chat and be a friend and not a mom. We went to our usual place, which is a very old house converted into a small cafe. We both had caramelized pear and gorgonzola salads and half sandwiches (me: veggie with hummus, her: chicken). Mostly we talked about cars. I know, it’s a weird subject for a girl lunch but she just bought one so we discussed having the ones we have and getting new ones.

My mom and I spent nap time doing our annual cousin camp picture book for the kids. We are almost done! Now if only we can do last year’s book, we’ll be set.

We surprised my grandparents by going to see them this evening. My dad is taking pictures of all that side of the family and wanted to pick out the right spots and get his super cool lights set to the right setting. The kids charmed my grandparents and my aunt (who lives next door to my grandparents) and my dad got his pictures set up.

Everyone is in bed horribly late (yet again). We expect another fun filled day tomorrow!


Utah Day 9


Today was spent playing at Juice’s sister’s house. Juice’s parents were there as well so it was one big crazy time. Between the two of us, we have 8 kids. 7 of them are 5 and younger. Boy did we have a good time.

Twin Cousins

There was watermelon to eat. There were squirt guns to play with. And there was a toy vacuum for Professor. Butterfly said it was one of her best days ever. And, “Can we please play with cousins more often?” I wish…I wish.