Old Navy Super Style Coats


About a week ago, my friend and I had the opportunity to go to Old Navy and pick out a new coat for each of us to wear. For free.

Yes, you heard me right. We each got a free coat.

And how did we do that? I’m a member of Crowdtap, which is an amazing community that gives you these free items for review! It’s awesome. (Please join us!)

Lala (my friend) and I showed up at Old Navy (sans kids) and decided that we were going to try on every single coat we could get our hands on. I’m sure the employees were thrilled with the coat mess we made in the dressing room area. Coats were flying, hangers were bending, and we were laughing. I tried on wool, puffy, jean, grey, orange, long, short, big and small coats.

In the end, I had narrowed it down to 2. One grey hooded coat with red toggle buttons (VERY cute) and one wool blend double breasted blue and black plaid coat.

I picked out the wool blend double breasted coat. It’s not one that I would have ever picked out for myself had we not decided to try on all the coats. But it was cute. It showed off my waist nicely. The arms were long enough. The coat itself is long enough to look stylish and cute without cutting me off or making me look boxy.

Why did I pick that one instead of the other one? I wanted to like the red toggle coat. I did. I loved the hood especially. I could just see myself wearing it to the bus stop in the morning and not having to remember my hat to keep my ears warm. So why didn’t I buy it? The arms were too short on me. I would have put it on every day and been annoyed that my wrists were sticking out and getting cold.

Besides, the blue one looked really cute on me. Do you agree?

Coat from behind

Coat with red tree

Coat on Playground

It’s a warm coat. I honestly wouldn’t have thought that this coat could have kept me this warm. Now granted, we haven’t had any temperatures in the teens yet, but it’s been pretty windy. And that wind will slice right through to your bones sometimes. This helps keep the wind out. It keeps me very warm. So far

Lala got a really cute jean jacket too. Thanks Crowdtap and Old Navy for helping me and her look stylish and stay warm this winter!