Cold, Packages, Camera


It has been annoyingly cold the past few days.  Horribly so.  The high today (I believe) was about 30 degrees.  It felt like 20.  It’s been very windy on top of the cold.  And the wind just bites through clothes.  The boys have been shivering in their coats on the way to and from school.  They are at least excited to get into the car now.  Before it was a pain.  But now they realize that there is warmth in the car and they go willingly!  The novelty of it all.


Our house is becoming littered with packages.  Ahh the joys of ordering Christmas online.  I love to get the packages!  But it’s kind of no fun when you know what’s in them.  I guess I miss the suspense of Christmas, and not knowing what things are.  I did get one package last week that I was very excited about!  I finally saved up enough Swagbucks to buy a new waterproof camera!

If you don’t use Swagbucks, why not?!  It’s the easiest way I’ve found to earn a few extra bucks online by doing things I normally do.  Like searching the web.  Not only did I get this camera (basically for free) I’ve also paid for part of Christmas with it.  Go, click, win!

The UPS guy stopped by here at 10pm tonight to deliver a package he forgot on his truck.  Now THAT is dedication.


On to my new camera!  It’s a Lumix DMC-TS2 and it’s beautiful.  It’s waterproof, shockproof, and 14 mega-pixels.  I’ve been taking just a few pictures with it and I’m happy so far!  I took a bunch of video which my computer doesn’t recognize.  Rats!  I guess I’m going to have to actually read the huge manual they sent to see if I can’t get the computer and the camera to talk to each other.  But that’s something to do when it’s earlier in the day.

I’m excited to try this camera out more, especially in the summer.  We got some great shots at the beach last year from the old camera.  Let’s see if this one will be better.


Give Me Your Best Shot- Out With a Bang


This is the last of the beach updates I’m going to do.  Promise.  This is also the last time I will moan about the loss of my camera.  Because you must admit, it was an awesome camera.  It took pictures like this:

Atlantic Ocean

I just can’t get over how perfect this picture is.  To tell the truth, I’m a little nervous about sharing it because I’m afraid that someone will steal it.  But it’s just too amazing not to be shared.  Anyone know how to make a water mark?

That camera also took things like this:

We had so much fun just hanging around in the water like that.  And yes, we even had fun being splashed in the face by big waves.

And I’m glad that I have the memories that camera gave me.  It truly did go out with a bang.  Thanks again little underwater camera!  You will be missed.


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Five Things


5 things about today.  Ready?  Go.

1.  My back itches.  Seriously I want to rub up and down on a tree like bears do.  Itch itch itch itch!  Guess that means my sunburn from the beach is healing.  Itch!

2.  We took the boys swimming at Lolli‘s pool today and they did SO good.  So did Butterfly!  Pirate can get himself around the pool by himself (and his floaty) and turn right side up when he lists to the side.  Professor by the end of the hour or so that we were there, would at least let go of your hands and try to propel himself forward.  Pretty awesome for their first time in a big pool.  Ever.  AND!  Butterfly went off the diving board and swam to the side all by herself.  I was one proud mommy!

3.  I got to hold a new baby today and it felt just SO good.  I love babies.

4.  I forgot how awesome it is to commute in traffic here.  It’s awesome, let me tell you!

5.  My underwater camera is dead dead dead.  Unfix-able dead.  It’s so horribly sad I can’t think about it.  But you can check out Lolli‘s blog today and see the cute pictures she took of the boys with her camera that WAS just like mine.  Did I mention mine is dead?