My Reason for Pro/Con


So do you guys remember my Pro/Con list I was making a few days ago?  Okay, it wasn’t a few days ago.  It was almost a month ago!  Well, okay, so maybe you don’t remember.  But for those who do (or have clicked on the link), here is the reason for the pro con list.

Juice has been offered a job in another state.  This state in fact.  So a major cross country move may be in our future.  Juice has not accepted the job.  We have been weighing the options and making our pro/con lists.  The more lists we make, the more we seem to be leaning toward going.  Want to know the top 3 things on each of our lists?

There are, of course, other things on the list (last I checked it was at 47 pro, 39 con) but these are our top three things.  This is what has me up at night wringing my hands.  Do we go?  Do we stay?  I don’t know if we can stay and have Juice be happy with his job for much longer.  He needs the change.  But is this the change we need/want to take?  If we say no, have we passed up an amazing opportunity for his career?

Would it better our family’s situation by doing this?  I see us staying in Maryland and being happy.  Because we are happy here.  I know we can continue to be happy because, well, we are.  But I know Juice wants to use his degree.  And he doesn’t do that here.  And there isn’t a lot of opportunity for him to do so here.  So do we take a leap and go where he will be useful?  Do we take the safe road and stay?  Or would staying be the leap?

I just have so many questions about this opportunity to change.  Some days I want to go.  Most days I want to stay.

And all days I’m stressed over it.