QOTW: Football


This week at the Multiples and More site the question was on football.

College football to be exact.

Now, for those who REALLY know me, know that I don’t care for football.

Oh I don’t mind it.  If someone is watching, I can watch too.  I went to all the high school football games (to flirt with the boys and not watch the game) and I did record college football games on tape at one time.  Why?  A boy I liked played in the marching band and I wanted to see if I could see him on tv.


Dad, stop laughing.


The question this week!  College football!

What team do you root for and why?

I root for BYU.  Rise and shout, the cougars are out!

Both Juice and I went there so it’s only natural that we would take an interest in their football season.  And their toffee peanuts.  And their mint brownies.

I think they won yesterday, by the way.  The football team, not the food.  The food there is a winner every day.

I’m just happy that the football team won too.


PS- That adorable baby is mine…Butterfly makes the best BYU cheerleader!