Growing Up


We love our UPS man.  He is amazing.  He is a twin himself.  We know so much about each other’s families.  Apparently we get too many packages.

Today, he delivered a package for us.  He sat and chatted with Butterfly about how big she is getting.  As he chatted with her, her dimple just kept getting deeper and deeper.

He warned her to stop eating so much and stop getting so big.  Because it makes him feel old!  As she gets bigger and taller and he realizes how fast time is going and how old he is getting.

As he was walking down our walk, Butterfly pipes up (in her very piercing voice) “He’s getting old all by himself!”

I swear the UPS guy was about to fall over in the street he was laughing so hard.


Doctor and a Definition


Juice headed out to the doctor this morning.  He just can’t shake the cold.  He coughs so hard he can’t even walk when the coughing fits come.  Poor guy.  He has bronchitis and is now on antibiotics.  We took Flower to the doctor as well but she just has a bad cough.  She got some medicine to help her sleep at night since that is when most of the coughing happens.

Tonight at dinner Butterfly asked me a question:

“What does overjoyed mean?”

“What do you think it means honey?”

“I want you to tell me.”

“Well I want to hear what you think it means.”

She smiled just a little smile that flashed her dimple.

“I think it means ‘happier than happy’.”

“I think you’re right honey.”