First Day of Kindergarten


In Butterfly’s own words:

“First, we had to wait a long time for everyone to be there.  It was really boring.  But then we went up to my classroom, you know the one we went to?  And we have Choice time!  I played with play dough.  I don’t get to play with play dough very often, do I?  I should play with that during every Choice time.

And lunch was cool.  I didn’t get to finish everything because everyone was being too loud and annoying me.  Recess was fun.  I played a lot on the slide.

Oh!  I got to go see the nurse again too.  She’s really nice, but she made me drink some yucky water and swish it around in my mouth and make the ‘rhrhr’ sound in my throat.  I went because I was coughing so much.

My backpack was too big for my cubby.  You shouldn’t put so much stuff in it.  And I didn’t know you gave me tissues!  I could have used them today but I don’t know how to open the box.

It was a fun day.  I want to go back tomorrow.”

She came running out of school all smiles and happy to see me.  I’m not quiet sure what happened to her back pack though…everything was gone from it except the tissues and the baby wipes.  Don’t you think that if they didn’t need these things, they wouldn’t ask for them?  I can’t figure out why they came back.

Also, if they send Butterfly to the nurse, I’d like to know about it!  I thought maybe there would be a note in her backpack but there wasn’t.  Do I ask the teacher for more information?

Speaking of the nurse, Butterfly started complaining that her ear hurt about an hour after school.  By the end of dinner, she was in tears it hurt so bad.  Uh-oh.  It sounds like she has another infection.  Or maybe she was just exhausted from the day?  We’ll find out tomorrow morning.  If it still hurts her, I’m taking her to the doctor’s.

And the best way to end such a big day?  A big dish of strawberry ice cream…with a specially requested cherry.


Way Back Wednesday


Joining my new IRL friend Cheryl for her meme this week, Way Back Wednesday.  I’ve been a long time reader of Cheryl’s blog and I was lucky enough to spend some time with her in New York this past weekend.  We even shared a cab and got kicked out of the quiet car on the train together.  Oh the bonding!

Butterfly, age 2.5, Christmas Time!

Butterfly Christmas 2 2007

I can’t believe this little tiny girl will be going to school in a few short weeks.  She has a purple back pack.  She has a purple lunch box.  She even has purple horse sandwich wraps!  (Purple is the new blue.  Also, horses are the only animal alive…well, next to dogs.  Can you blame the girl?)  She has her first day of school outfit all picked out.  The school sent over her first lunch schedule, as well as her bus schedule and general housekeeping rules.  We go next week to meet her teacher and tour her classroom.  Hard to believe that the little spunky girl pictured above is big enough for school.