Bluberries Galore! Or 12 Pounds.


We went blueberry picking the other day and it was awesome.  I guess because of all the rain, our blueberries were huge, and easy to pick!  We were there for about an hour picking and we got 12 pounds of blueberries.  12 pounds!

Professor Blueberries 2011

We would have had more but someone would pick some, and then find a shady spot to eat, then pick some, then eat.  Okay, more than one someone would do that.

Pirate eating berries 2011

But between me and Flower, and some friends, we got PLENTY!

Butterfly told us all how blueberries grow (we’ve been talking about it) and told me that they make a “kaplink, kaplank, kaplunk” sound when you pick them. Guess what book we’ve been reading!

Butterfly and blueberries 2011

Once we were done eating picking, we went down to the huge slides they have for the kids.  Butterfly and her friends went down every slide.  It looked thrilling.

Butterfly on slide 2011

Checking out where she's been 2011


Blueberry muffins anyone?  We’ve got plenty!