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We spent the morning at the park with friends.  I pushed the boys in the swing (both boys in the same swing) and they had SUCH a good time.  Butterfly was a trooper and walked the whole way.  The weather was great too.

Really, there’s not much to stay about it so here’s a few links I thought you guys might like.

Did you know I was on the Comcast blog?  Me either until I searched for myself.  It’s all about meeting people at BlogHer.  When we talked to them at their booth (and entered to win an iPad which I sadly did not win), me and the girl got into a discussion.  Why having Comcast would be better than having Netflix.  In the end, we agreed to disagree.  Of course, she has to be loyal to her employer.  And I had to be loyal to Netflix and their Wii streaming.  Seriously, I have never regretted getting rid of cable.

For all you Utah people (and I know there is a lot of you!), you might want to enter this contest for free tickets to the aquarium.  I haven’t been to the Utah Living Planet Aquarium (that’s on our list for next year) but it looks like a fun time.  Although I can’t get over the fact that the building it’s in used to be a huge craft store that I went to all the time.  Knowing what it looks like on the inside makes me curious to see how they turned it into an aquarium.  So if you win the tickets, let me know!


BlogHer Recap


Top Best things about BlogHer:

1. Having a whole weekend to hang out with Lolli. Seriously, we basically talked all weekend long and I loved it.

2. Watching the bar tenders at one of the parties dance to the music. They were all men in tuxedos. Older men, as in 60+.

3. Having people not recoil in a germ-phobic fit when, shortly after I met them, I tried to push my lung out of my body. I had (and still have) a horrible horrible cough. I really hope that my roommates didn’t get it.

4. Meeting other bloggers that I had been reading for so long! I love seeing these people in real life. Now I hear their voices as I read their blogs. I love that.

5. Meeting other bloggers whose blogs I HAVEN’T read yet. And have spent all day reading and getting to know them through their words.

6. Seeing the sights of New York. In the few days I was there, I saw the central park zoo (on one very hot and sticky day), Times Square at night, the Brooklyn Bridge at night, Rockafeller Center the Statue of Liberty, and Ellis Island.

7. Attending the classes. The speakers were all amazing and I learned a lot of interesting things. Also, the key note speakers for the showcasing the best blogs of the year was thought provoking. I loved hearing other people’s stories and wondered how I could polish mine up.

8. Having fun in the expo hall. Not only did we meet some interesting sponsors, they gave some interesting swag out too. My best swag from the trip? A small Thomas the Tank Engine that Professor has not let out of his sight. If he deems something worthy enough to put Thomas down, it goes in my pocket. That boy and his train! I also played the Wii a ton (a dance game, loved it!) and got a Wii dance game to take home myself. I also played the texting game and won a cell phone. Too bad I don’t have cell service because this is one awesome phone.

9. Winning a birthday party for the kids from SproutTV. Seriously, they are putting on a birthday party for all my kids AND 30 of their guests. Barney will be there. And Chika. How cool is that?! I’m excited for late April now!

10. Having a few days away from the kids and being a real person. I got my makeup done. I played video games without taking turns. I dressed up and had adult conversation. I did not have to worry about anyone else eating but me. I didn’t even have to clean up after anyone else, let alone myself. I got very little sleep but I was happy.

And the best thing about BlogHer?

11. Coming home to my family and having everyone jump on me. “Mommy!” Is there a better word in the English language? I think not.


PS- This conference and the cough have done me in. PLUS, Flower went home yesterday. So not only am I without my right hand helper, I am sick! And we miss her.