ICE at Gaylord National Hotel


This past weekend my family had an amazing opportunity to join all my local blogging friends and see ICE at the Gaylord National Hotel and Convention Center.  I had been there a few months ago at a blogging conference and knew it was amazing.  Add Christmas decorations, and you have the most AMAZING place.  Dreamworks partnered with the Gaylord to bring an amazing “Merry Madagascar” theme this year.

Outside Gaylord ICE 2011

We started the day off with cookies and “ogre” milk.

Milk and cookies Gaylord ICE 2011

Green Ogre Milk Gaylord ICE 2011

After drinking the milk and being “ogre-fied”,

Ogre ears Gaylord ICE 2011

we headed off to experience ICE (which is actually done across the street in a temperature controlled tent).  We had to convince Professor that Shrek the Ogre was taking a nap, because that was the only thing he wanted to do right then.  But then we were given huge blue parkas (bonus because we were BAD parents and left the kids’ coats at home by the door) and walked into an amazing ice world.

All thoughts of Shrek were dismissed because there were ICE slides.  You read it right.  Huge slides of ice with awesome lights in them that you can slide down.  And slide down we did.

Butterfly sliding Gaylord ICE 2011

Pirate running for another turn Gaylord ICE 2011

We slid until the boys started shivering.  Then Juice and I gave them our scarves (because WE didn’t forget our OWN coats) and we slid some more.

Professor Sliding Gaylord ICE 2011

Pirate Sliding Gaylord ICE 2011

Even Juice and I got in on some sliding action!

Juice Sliding Gaylord ICE 2011

Me Sliding Gaylord ICE 2011

Once we drug everyone away from the slides, we took in the sights of ICE.  Did you know that they start building it a few months before, and people from China come and do it!?  They used 2 MILLION pounds of ice to make all these amazing sculptures.

ice madagascar Gaylord ICE 2011

Penguin Gaylord ICE 2011

My favorite?  The Nativity.

Nativity Gaylord ICE 2011

ice sheep Gaylord ICE 2011

After ICE, we decided to try out some ice skating!

Ice Skating Family Gaylord ICE 2011

This was the boys first time ice skating.  Professor did well.

Monster Professor Skating Gaylord ICE 2011

Pirate flailed around and didn’t spend the whole time on his face because he was hanging on to me.  Butterfly hung on to the edge for dear life.

Butterfly Ice Skating Gaylord ICE 2011

That would have been me if I hadn’t had flailing Pirate to keep upright.

skating with mommy Gaylord ICE 2011

Juice (who actually knows how to skate) took turns taking the kids around the rink.

Skating with Daddy Gaylord ICE 2011

From there, we went back across the street to meet up with Shrek.  He, and all of his friends, were no longer napping so it was a great time to get pictures with everyone!



The day ended with an amazing fountain/light/snow/dancing ogre show in the atrium of the hotel.  They make it SNOW.  INSIDE.

Christmas tree Gaylord ICE 2011

snow inside Gaylord ICE 2011

looking up Gaylord ICE 2011

That was my favorite part of the whole day.

If your in the area, this is an AMAZING way to spend the day, or even a few nights! Check out Gaylord National’s website for more information and ways to book your ICE experience.


*Disclosure: My family and I were invited by MomzShare to experience ICE at no cost to us. All opinions are my own and I totally would spend money on this to do it. It’s that good.*