Utah Last Day


Tomorrow morning we fly home to Maryland.  It’s been a fun trip.  In ways, too long (we all miss our house) and in ways not long enough (we didn’t do all we wanted to do).

Today we spent the morning with my Nana, the kids’ Nana-Great.  She made us a yummy lunch of pancakes and sausage and then we let the kids play in her yard.  My cousins live next door so we were able to see Bee a little and play with her.  The kids really got into hide and seek which is a game I normally hate.  But if you have a whole yard to yourself to hide in, it’s a great game!

My mom and I got last year’s Cousin Camp photo book done.  This year’s is waiting on one or two pictures and then it will be done too.

Auntie L came over to take pictures of the kids with the blankets that she made.  Uncle MusicMan and his family came over to spend some time with us too.  BFF Mink came by and helped me pack some.  We have Flower with us because she is flying back with us tomorrow.

Now the summer can start.  We’ve got some great things planned.  Can’t wait!  See you in the eastern time zone!