Adventure with Four Wheels


Awhile ago, friends of ours gave us their bikes.  They weren’t using them and we said we would!  It took me several weeks of haunting Craig’s List to get a bike trailer for the boys.  I finally found one and I am LOVING the freedom.

Today I decided that I should run to the $200 store (aka Sam’s Club) and pick up a few things.  And it was only a few things, because I only had so much room in the back of the bike trailer.

About half way to the store, I thought that maybe it was a bad idea.  Oh riding down the hills was thrilling for everyone (super fast Mama!) but the up hill was brutal (super fast Mama?).  By the time I got to the store I had a hard time unbuckling the kids.  It was a great thing for me to have to walk through the store and walk out all my kinks in my legs.  And after a few things, I loaded EVERYTHING back into the trailer and headed out.

Wow, was that a work out!  But the boys had a great time (I did too, actually).  I’m ready to do it again tomorrow!