Utah Day 8


What a day! This morning we spent getting everyone ready for the big day ahead.

And we were late, even after getting up at 7am with the kids. Why is that I can’t make it somewhere until after 11am when I’ve been up for hours? It’s probably because everyone has to get ready AND I have to exercise. It’s nice to have exercise a habit. I like it.

Anyway, we went over to Juice’s family today and spent the afternoon with them. Juice’s two brothers were there, and his sister came with all of her kids. Including her twin girls! I haven’t seen Seraph since she was 2 months old because she’s either in the hospital when we go or my kids have a cold. But this time all the planets aligned and we were able to see them! Yay!

Juice with his twins, Splats with hers

Everyone had lunch and I loved hearing Juice and his brothers reminisce about all the bad things they did as kids. Juice’s mom said that it was amazing any of them lived to be adults. About half an hour later full of more stories, she said, “I want to change my statement. It’s amazing I lived!”

Uncle K

Butterfly spent the whole afternoon jumping on the trampoline in their field with her cousins.  She had a ball.  Juice’s dad showed us his new hobby: a beehive.  Very cool.  We’re going to try and go over again sometime next week and he’ll pull it open for me to take some pictures.  I’m excited!

Cousins on the Tramp

The boys were very good and even slept for awhile while we were there.  We were smart and brought their beds and their blankies and music.  But they had a good time playing with their cousins too and the toy train.

Once we actually left (like an hour later than we wanted to!), we headed up to my Aunt’s house for my Dad’s family reunion.  Good food, good family, and good conversation.  Butterfly ran and ran and ran with her second cousin who is just a year older than her.  The boys played on the slide and ate only chips for dinner.  We left there around 9pm.

Twins with Bubbles

They stayed awake for the entire 45 minutes of the ride home.  I thought with all the playing for sure they would be asleep in seconds.  They were once we put them in their beds around 10pm.  Tomorrow is going to be fun, I can tell.