No School, No School


So today was some kind of teacher work day at school so the kids had off. Which meant Butterfly was home with us. Frankly, I’ve had enough days of all of us home bumming around doing basically nothing. So I invited our new friends to take advantage of our aquarium membership.

upsidedown jellyfish

We had the best day running around seeing all the fish. There was hardly anyone there, which is how I like it. That way, you have plenty of time (and room) to see all the fish you want. And besides Pirate falling off the back of the bench at the dolphin show and smacking his head, Pirate running fast up the escalator without anyone while I chased and pushed people aside with the screaming Professor in my arms to get to him, and well, the Screaming Professor, it was a great day.

jumping dolphin

I love getting to know new friends better! And what better way than to stick them in my car with me and drive for over an hour? Yep, good times.


Adventure #2


Today’s adventure involved fish.  And lots of them!  Plenty of these:

black and white jellyfish

And a lot of these:

Alge jellyfish

There was a lot of fighting over this camera (which I’ve loaned to Flower for her trip and Butterfly has seriously taken it over)

Butterfly the Photographer

And there was (thankfully) a lot of these on their faces too:

Kids at the Aquarium

We had a great time at the Aquarium in Baltimore today. It was long, though. They don’t let you take strollers in so the boys went all over. We sat through the dolphin show (which was great!) and then kind of quickly walked through the entire thing. I wouldn’t suggest doing that. By the end of the day, the kids were just d.o.n.e. And so was I.

But, it’s always fun to go to these kinds of places and let Butterfly and the boys see all the fish. What an awesome place we live in!


PS- On the way back to the car we stopped at a random kisok and got headbands and earrings for us girls. (No earrings for Butterfly, she’s too little.) It was fun and I’ll think of this day whenever I wear my blue feathered headband. :)