In a Weird Place


I am trying to post more often. But for some reason, I’ve got this cycle of super busy/funk going on. When I’m super busy, I don’t want to post. Like 2 weeks ago when my mom was here. We had SO much fun!

We ate candy and worked on the cousin book. (And finished it!)

We (okay mostly me) browsed ebay for scrapbooking supplies and Christmas presents. And actually bought stuff!

We went Christmas shopping and out to lunch every day.

We took Butterfly to the American Girl store for dinner. Seriously good food and really fun. But wow, expensive!

See, tons of fun. Then I spent a week sleeping most days I didn’t have to work. And now, I just feel in a funk. I feel overwhelmed. I feel exhausted. I feel like hiding in my computer and not coming out. Ever.

Of course, this funk has kind of bled into the rest of my life. I’m snappish with the kids and fight with Juice. Then I hole up in my bed and watch old tv reruns and sleep 12-14 hours a day. (Yesterday.)

Then I wake up feeling a little bit better.

Today I actually accomplished 2 big things today. 8 loads of laundry. Most of it folded and put away too. You know, I used to do laundry every day. Every day I loaded one or two loads in and was constantly doing it. I also had constant piles of laundry all over my bedroom floor because I still feel weird about washing my whites with the kids shirts. Then I evolved to once a week laundry. And it takes me ALL DAY LONG. I can’t imagine what adding another person to the mix is going to do! A baby at that! I’m sure everything will work out, but wow, laundry is a big deal.

I also made dinner! Granted, it was the dinner I was supposed to make yesterday and never did. Because of the funk/breakdown/fight/nap thing. But hey, it got made today.

Thanks to everyone for their name suggestions. I like some and have added them to the list. The baby is still nameless but I think we may have a blog name for him. Is it sad that he has a fake name first but not a real one?

Sigh. Poor kiddo.