Breakfast with the Amish


We love to have breakfast at the local Amish market every summer.  This time, we went as soon as we could with Flower.  The boys LOVED their pancakes and strawberry jam.  Butterfly had chocolate chip pancakes, and Flower had a meal with pancakes.

I had one lone egg and some veggies I brought from home.  Sometimes dieting sucks.

But these pictures don’t!

Professor Strawberry Pancakes Amish 2011

Professor wanted “ti-angles” and probably used the most jam.

Pirate Strawberry Pancakes Amish 2011

Pirate used the other half of the jam, and only ate the edges. We took most of his home.

Butterfly Chocolate Pancakes with Flower Amish 2011

Butterfly insisted on putting every single topping on her pancakes. Never mind that they were chocolate chip. Syrup, jam, apple butter, grape jelly, peanut butter topping, and butter. Um, yum?

Yay for awesome breakfasts!