Home Again, Home Again


Six people take up an entire row of an airplane.  It is not enough room for a 2 year old (Pirate) for 4 hours.  And it’s not enough room for his Mommy or the other people traveling with him.

Six people make a lot of luggage.  Especially when you try to cram stuff for five of the six people into one suitcase.  And especially when it decides to pop open and spread that crammed stuff all over the conveyor belt.  (It’s a good thing I ran out of time packing and shoved things, namely the underthings, into a plastic bag before tossing it into the suitcase.)

Six people also have a lot of carry-ons.  And when 2 of those people are actually carry-on, it creates a handful.  As several people reminded me today at the airport.  And in the airplane.

Six people do not get on a bus in a timely manner.  Especially when you add six people carry-ons and six people popped open luggage.  Which is broken now.  Rats.  Time for new luggage!

Six people eat a handful of blueberries from our very own bushes alarmingly fast.

Six people can be exhausted and excited all at once.  There will be six very happy heads resting on pillows tonight.


PS- We are a family of 6 for the summer!
Butterfly and Flower
Juice’s 16 year old niece, Flower, has come to stay with us until August.  This is her 3rd summer with us and I am SO excited.  I think she is too.  And Butterfly as well.