2012 in Review


Happy New Year! I am so excited for this new year because I have 2 resolutions.

1- Have a baby. That will (hopefully) be soon. Then I’m done with that for the year!

2- Survive. Seems easy enough, right? I have no grand ideas about learning a new skill or doing much else than having the kids and well, surviving.

So Let’s talk about last year!

January- My job with the horses was still very new. I started working there 6 days a week. My ankles swelled with the miles and miles I ended up walking every day. It snowed a few times. We went sledding. Juice decided to paint our house.

February- There were more horses. Which I loved. And Butterfly had a party at school that I was able to go to for about 20 minutes. She also lost another tooth!

March- Butterfly had her first sleep over with a friend. Then then friend moved away across the country. We miss them still. Juice continued to paint our house. He had a birthday (shout horray!) and we went to the dentist. Butterfly lost yet another tooth.

April- The boys turned 4. We went to Build a Bear. We also had a big animal party which was awesome! My parents came to visit and we went downtown. We also drove all over following the trail of the guy who killed Lincoln. That was pretty cool. We went to Baltimore. We went to the American Girl store and rode horses. (Well, me and the kids did. My parents don’t ride.) Easter, where Juice and I ended up with some kind of stomach ailment.

May- The kids did their first horse show and each got several ribbons! Butterfly turned 7! We had a horse themed party at the barn. It was HOT. I discovered I was pregnant. The boys went camping for the first time with Daddy. We went to Assateague for the day with our good friend Lavender. She was becoming increasingly sick.

June- Last day of school! We went blueberry picking for the first time and got close to 8 lbs of berries. I started a few weeks of summer camp at the barn. It was getting hotter. The kids were able to join me for a week of summer camp. Very fun!

July- We went to see the fireworks in Frederick this year, because our fireworks were cancelled due to a freak storm that wiped out almost everyone’s power. We went berry picking again and got close to 10 lbs of berries. They were gone in a week. We went swimming a few times. Butterfly did ELO (summer school) and the boys and I did a few activities with their preschool.

August- I went to New York with my good friend Lolli for a blogging conference. It was awesome! We came back and the next day, left for Utah. Pirate cut Butterfly’s hair. We spent 2 weeks in Utah having a great time with family. It wasn’t as hot there. My grandparents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. Our good friend Lavender died days after we returned. School started again for Butterfly who is now in 2nd grade!

September- We went to our annual Labor Day Parade. I was still pregnant and starting to slow down a bit. My Dad came out for business and spent the weekend with us. We went to the county fair. The kids had their second horse show and got a few new ribbons.

October- We had a hurricane. The kids were cute as a witch, and transformers this year for Halloween. I cut back on my hours at the barn even more.

November- We had Thanksgiving with our friends from the barn at their house this year. It was great! Our kids were the only ones there and we had a huge debate on having more than one kid. I got to be the expert. :) We set up our Christmas tree early. Juice went to New York to help clean up from the hurricane. Then he turned around and went to Chicago for his yearly business trip the day he came home. I got tired and stopped sleeping with the pregnancy.

December- The kids got very cute clothes for Christmas. We took the kids to see the city lights with the boys’ preschool. Christmas was a success! The 3 favorite toys being Pikman 2 on the Wii, plush Pikmen and a plush chomper ball thing from Mario Kart. We started ripping out the floor of our house to put down nicer stuff. Still pregnant. My job ended due to baby. Saying goodbye to everyone at the barn (even for a short while) was harder than I thought. Also harder than we thought: putting in new floor. Still pregnant.


2010 In Review


January: My Grandmother died.  We were able to attend her funeral in Utah.  Sad occation, but I was happy to see everyone!

February: Snow!  And snow.  And snow.  Loved it.  Seriously.  I know a lot of people hated it here but I thought it was the best winter we’ve ever had here.  And probably WILL ever have here.  Since that was the most snow the area had in 100 years, it’s a pretty good bet we’re not going to be here in another 100 years.

March:  Pirate had surgery for a hydrocele.  And he came through with flying colors!  And he will probably have to do it again in 2011.  Rats!

April:  An adventure filled month with the boys breaking many things that month.  They also turned 2.  Coincidence?  I think not!

May:  Not only did Butterfly turn 5, but I moved my blog from blogger to it’s own domain.  Now that my feeds are working (see the little icon at the top to sign up!) it’s just perfect.  I love it here!

June:  We went to Utah for vacation!  We stayed a little over 2 weeks, and then we came back to Maryland with Juice’s niece (mine too, but she’s from his side of the family) Flower to stay with us.  I LOVE having her here.  And want her back next summer!  It’s super nice to have a helper.

July:  We spent the month filling it up with fun things to do around the area.  Flower and I watched way too many movies.  We went to the beach with friends.  My camera then died.  We spent the rest of the month desperately trying to cram more fun things into it.

August:  I went to BlogHer.  Then Flower went home and I was sad.  I hit 1000 posts on my blog.  Butterfly started kindergarten!  Still can’t believe how big she is.

September:  I turned 30!  My parents came to celebrate with me.  We again did some fun things in the area.  There are so many things to do here.  We’ve been here almost 7 years and we still haven’t seen everything.

October:  We went to Pennsylvania to the Ren Faire.  And stayed in a hotel!  And wore snazzy outfits!

November:  Juice went traveling for 2 weeks this month.  First to San Diego (where we are NOT moving, sad to say) and then to Chicago.  Also, Thanksgiving.

December:  The build up to Christmas.  Lots of fun parties!  And an eclipse!  And a lost tooth!  And then we’ve had the puke fest for 2010.  Where Pirate threw up one day.  Then a week later, me.  Then a day after me, Juice.  Then two days after that (today), Butterfly.  It’s been SUPER fun.

I hope that 2011 ends better than 2010 did!


Year In Review


Happy New Year’s Eve! Here are 12 posts from this year. Did you know that I wrote every single month this year? I only missed 92 days of writing the whole year. It’s a new lap record! Here are some highlights from the rest of the 273 days I did write.

January: We took all the kids to the Presidential Inauguration. Juice now says, “Well, it’s not like we’re going to the Inauguration,” when things are hard. Also that month, last day of that month, was the day Pirate’s leg was broken.

February: DISASTER! You try having one baby in a huge cast, one baby not in a cast, and a really inquisitive 3 year old.

March: I got lucky and Juice turned 30.

April: 1 year old twins! (Enough said.)

May: Turning 4 years old and the “best” date night ever. Also, leaving for our Mega Road Trip of 2009.

June: Road Trip! A month spent in Utah with my family.

July: Road Trip returns! And we walk! With Flower for a whole month!

August: Berry picking with Flower. We miss Flower. She is fun to sight see with and also fun to have at our house in the evenings. Also nice, a built in babysitter. She went home this month.

September: We were on the news. Also, my birthday. A very low key month.

October: October was the month I wrote the least in. So you get a Halloween picture post.

November: Christmas Tree Decisions. Also, this was the month I challenged myself to write every day in November and December to get me back into the habit of writing. And it worked!

December: Snow snow and more snow!

A big year for us. Lots happened. I hope lots more will continue to happen next year! I have some pretty big plans for 2010!


2008 Best and Worst


My friend Lolli had this up on her blog and I thought I’d steal it from her. Here is 2008 in review, best and worst things!


Juice: He lost one of his favorite gloves in the airport. (Boy, a very good year for him if that’s the worst we can think of!)

Me: Gestational Diabetes, giving birth twice with a bad epidural, preeclampsia, bed rest

Butterfly: Two new baby brothers and having to learn to share parents/toys

Pirate: RSV (Juice says that being evicted from the warm comfy place aka my uterus is worse)

Professor: RSV


Juice: Having the boys!

Me: Two healthy baby boys! Being able to breastfeed them, being able to stay home with everyone, lots of visitors this summer and a very long trip to Utah

Butterfly: Turning 3, and Christmas with 3 times the toys and boys who don’t mind if she plays with them

Pirate: Big Sister

Professor: learning to crawl

I’ve been reading through my blog this past year and it’s been fun to see things change. We had a huge shift in our family when the boys were born. Having them and Butterfly have been amazing. I can’t imagine it any other way. Here’s hoping we have another good year!


PS- I forgot to put the boys on the list. Oops! At least I remembered before I published it.

PPS- Professor has learned to pull up on things! He was standing in his crib today. Very first time!

2006 In Review, Blog Style


I saw this on another blog, and thought I would copy it. Here is the first line of the first post each month this year.

2005 was a year of change for us.

Butterfly turned 9 months old on Friday.

This is a test of my abilities to put a video on this page.

The cherry blossoms are out in peak right now.

Butterfly is babbling up a storm.

Now that my company has all gone, and I’ve spent a few days recovering and not sleeping (another tooth…sigh…) I thought I’d update you on all of the fun we had with the grandparents.

On Friday morning, my favorite radio station was giving out free pancakes and prizes at the local diner.

This passed weekend my Dad was here to visit.

One of the joys of living on the east coast is these great storms and hurricanes that occasionally go through our area.

Suddenly it seems like our life has exploded in activities.

Today starts the 30 days of posting from me.

Turns out my writing gig is going to stop.

There are a whole lot of highlights that were missed. Butterfly’s first birthday, Hawaii, first word, walking, Juice’s graduation, and all the other little things that go on in a year. We’ve had a busy one. I hope next year is just as busy and fun! Come on 2007!