Playing Catch Up: Summer Edition 5


Every year during the summer our bishop (the leader of our congregation) opens his summer camp to us for the day and we have a huge pool party. We go every year, shimmering heat or rain. Of course we always have fun swimming with our ward family. This year was no exception!

Pirate was obsessed with going under the water. Obsessed. It was all he did.

Pirate under water July 2012

Professor was content to float around on his 5 pool noodles. He can push himself around the pool by kicking and watch everyone play.

Professor floating July 2012

I didn’t get any pictures of Butterfly or Juice in the pool because I was tied to the stairs saving Pirate’s life every third dive or so. My BFF Lolli took pity on me and hung out talking. She also took our annual picture on the pool alligator.


Whoops, not that one!

Family in Pool July 2012

Juice played water ball with all the guys, and then street hockey. Every year, someone gets hurt in that street hockey game. He said the threat of danger makes it fun. Okay.

After all that playing, a good dinner of grilled stuffs and salads, we went home tired. I think all the kids fell asleep in the car and cried when we put pjs on them. Note for next year: bring pjs to change into!


Summer Fun


It seems like life is rush by, and already our summer is about half over.  I don’t have my wonderful helper Flower this year, so we’ve been kind of staying close to home.  Butterfly is asking when our fun will start.  But we HAVE done some fun things.  And I have pictures to prove it!

We’ve been blueberry picking twice this year, coming home each time with a little over 7 lbs of berries.  Gone within a week.  I’d love to go one more time before the season ends, but not sure if we’ll be able to squeeze it in.

Blueberry picking with Daddy

Hitch hiking blueberries

The fourth of July was HOT this year.  (Think over 100 degrees with a heat index over 110 degrees.)  We had an enormous wind storm that knocked power out to a lot of people’s houses, and knocked down several trees. 

Helping pick up.

The power company uses our fair grounds as a staging area for the power trucks.  Our town cancelled the 4th of July fireworks, which are on the fair grounds, so that the power company could continue using it.  We just drove to the town north of us and watch there with some of my friends from the barn.

Frederick Fireworks

Happy 4th of July 2012

We also went swimming with my BFF Lolli and her family. This is the first year that the boys have been able to touch the bottom of the pool and it was a lot easier. I did have to save each of them twice because they walked out farther than they thought, but it was no big deal.  I was also having fun with my underwater setting in the pool.

Swimming Professor

Pirate and his friend KitKat

Pirate Jumps!

Butterfly Jumps!

Butterfly Underwater

Reese, KitKat, Butterfly

Our Family Swimming 2012

So see, we HAVE done a lot of fun things this year.  And there is still more summer to come!


Kids and Summertime


Today I asked Butterfly what she wanted to do with her summer to make it a good one for her.  Here are her answers:

1. GO TO THE BEACH!  When are we going to the beach?  Is it tomorrow?  When is next week?  Is it the day after tomorrow?  Is today tomorrow?  Can we go to the beach tomorrow please?

2.  Go to the pool.

3.  Have popsicles.

4.  Read books.

5.  Play outside.

6.  Roast marshmallows and have s’mores.

Sounds like a pretty good list to me!  I think we can do all of these things this summer.  Especially that beach trip.  I hope she has a good time and enjoys every second of it.  I’ve done a ton of planning for it to make it go smoothly.  Hopefully it will!

Riding with Daddy

I love that her summer list is so simple.  (Except for that beach trip.)  I hope that all her summer wants will be so simple.


Welcome to Summer!


Just because we are back from vacation a mere 24 hours ago doesn’t mean that we should take a day to relax.  Oh no.  I know!  Let’s go to the farmer’s market!  Like we always do on Thursdays in the summer.  I love summer and Thursdays.  Today we got a ton of tiny and sweet strawberries.  Also some potatoes and apples.  The apples were good too!

I also went to the store because we had no food in the house.  And after buying a ton of staples, I come home to another list of things to buy that we don’t have.  Like butter.  And syrup.  That would have been good for dinner tonight.  Pancakes.  Yeah.

Juice also stayed home from work today with a fever and a horrible, horrible cough.  All the kids have this awful cough now and green tinged snot.  Flower and I also have throat tickles so I imagine we’ll be coughing soon enough.

Hello to you too summer!


Best Shot of the Week!


Uh, looks like I haven’t taken any pictures all week long.  I don’t know why.  No, I do know why.  My camera battery is dead and I just need to take the time to recharge it.  It’s just a simple thing, but it obviously isn’t getting done.  That can be my goal today.

Anyway, last Sunday after church it was so hot.  The kids were cranky, Pirate had a fever, and Butterfly was bouncing off the walls.  I made Juice pile everyone into the stroller and we took a walk to the park to get some energy out of Butterfly.  Juice was cranky because of the heat.  Butterfly ranged from running all over to laying on the blanket red faced and panting.  Pirate learned how to crawl on his hands and feet because he hated to touch the grass.  And Professor was just content to be sitting and sucking on his pacifier since I rarely let him have it out of his bed.

While Juice threw the ball for Soot, I got busy taking pictures of everyone.  This is my favorite shot of Pirate.  Enjoy! 



Teddy Bear Picnic


Here I am, being all crazy again. I took Butterfly and the boys on a teddy bear picnic/train ride today. I wasn’t too crazy because I had my mom’s group to help. What a fun group of girls and little girls we have. (Oh, and boys too…but they are tiny.) They were very helpful in carting around a baby for me. And I drove like the dickens to get there on time. The town had these little hills in the road and every time I went over one Butterfly would yell “wheeee!” But I made it on time! I was even impressed by myself.

I unbuckled Butterfly in record time and the whole time I’m telling her she needs to be fast and do just what I say when I say it. She jumped out of the car, looked over at the train and yelled, “My Friends!” It was so cute. 2 moms came and got my boys so I could run and buy tickets and they left as soon as we got on.

They took us on a very old train about 2 miles out on the track, and then back down the same track to the local playground. The playground was cute. Very big, quiet, and had lots of old playground equipment that wasn’t plastic and ‘safe’. Butterfly rode on those little merry go rounds with all the big kids. They got it going so fast they flung her off (she was sitting on the edge) but she hopped right up and wanted to get right back on. Brave! I like that it seemed kind of secluded and I felt like I could let Butterfly just have the run of the area. I took the 4 girls to the park and the rest of the moms watch my boys and it was a nice break for us all I think. Besides, I get to play with Butterfly which I don’t get to do often.

They also told the story of Goldie Locks and the Three Bears. All the kids had stuffed bears with them. Butterfly and the boys had the same bear that we got at my old work’s kid party. We ate lunch at the park and had a generally good time.

They gave her a tootsie pop at the end of the train ride (seriously, do the kids need candy?!) and she ate it on the way home. And by the time we got home, she had stuck the grime of the park to herself in a sticky slobbery mess. Her mouth, chin, neck, hair and hands were black. So into the bath we go.

She did not get a nap today and was very contrary this afternoon. Finally I gave up, put in a movie and just tried to deal with the boys who were angels on the train and only wanted to eat at home. Pirate was the cutest on the train. He was grabbing his bear, looking at it, jabbering to it, and then munching on it soundly. He’d make a face, pull it back to look at it, jabber, and munch. SO CUTE.

And Professor has got a shy little smile that just melts my heart. Looks like he has the same dimple that Butterfly has (though not as deep) and it shows up when he’s happy. I am reminded of Butterfly when she was a baby how we used to do everything we could to see her dimple. I love to see it in both of them.


PS- Everyone like my new sidebar pictures?

More Pictures


I have a moment to myself (Pirate is asleep, Professor is awake and happy in his bouncer, Butterfly is in bed.) so I thought I’d upload a few more pictures of things we’ve done this week. For more in depth talk about them, check out my friends’ Laura and Lis‘s blogs.

We also went to a goodbye party for one of my friends in my mom’s group who is moving out of state. We are so sad to see her and her kids go but one of us had to be the first to go, right? We will miss them a lot.

We’ve been out pretty much every day this week (beyond the beach and berry picking we’ve been to the Amish market and all around our town here). Professor has finally decided pacifiers are good and he’s smiling up a storm now. They are so cute together in this picture.

Anyway, I probably won’t be posting much in the next few days as we have a few things to go and see while Flower is still with us. But once she’s back home (sniff sniff) and I have long days by myself and 3 kids I will attempt to catch up on blogging. I still owe a birth story and the boys’ 2 month old stats and pictures. Busy busy busy.


Pictures Equals A Thousand Words


Too many things have been happening lately to blog about right now. Here’s just a picture update of fun things we’ve been doing with Flower. (I’m not typing a big thing out because I am always feeding a baby and I hate typing one handed…)

Swimming with the Tots


My ward (okay, me…I organized it) had a tot pool takeover at our bishop’s kiddie pool. We had so much fun! It was a scorcher day (over 90 degrees with the heat index putting us over 100 that day) but the water was deliciously cool and the kids ran and splashed and jumped and threw things and dug water and played with bath toys, etc. It was a great time.

Butterfly was so happy that bff Vinny was there. And Andrew and Rachel too. I spent most of the time at the pool nursing poor hot little boys who didn’t enjoy the water on their feet. (Those blankets in the picture are just purely for shade purposes.) But I was able to have a few hands free moments. I also dumped Flower off of the big foam alligator they have anchored in their pool. It was a fun time!

PS- Thanks to my friend Laura who took these pictures with her camera that is exactly like mine. :)

Summer Business


This summer has been jam packed with outings, things to do, things to see, and more. It has been so fun to be a little more mobile than last summer, and to have Butterfly enjoy some more things.

We’ve been to the splash park, the museums, the pool, the park, scrap booking with JeuJeu and his family, the farmer’s market, the post office, the park, the store, the art supply store, the park, the mall, Juice’s work, the park. We go to the park a lot.

Although with this hot and steamy weather we’ve been getting, the park is not an option. This week, the temps rose to over 100 degrees, with at least 90% humidity. They set a new record at Regan National Airport for the hottest day ever. 103! With the heat index (is that the humidity or what?) it felt like around 115 degrees. Needless to say, we’ve been watching a lot of Finding Nemo in the house.

I’m hoping that the weather will break a little for our county fair that is going on next week. I plan on going to children’s day because all kids under 12 get in free. Juice works across the street from the fair grounds and will join us there for dinner and rides. Maybe a better way would be rides then dinner.

My kid concerts are over, which I’m sad for. I don’t know what to do with myself on Mondays now! I was going to go to the park with Vinny and his mom but she is pregnant and sick and well, I don’t deal with that right now. Not with the whole miscarriage, infertility, you-don’t-know-how-lucky-you-are-and-I-don’t-want-to-hear-about-it-at-all-so-I-can-focus-on-yet-another-cycle feelings I’m having. I cry just thinking about it. (That could also be the hormones, man I hate these things!) Oh, I have started another blog to go through the infertility stuff but it is invite only. Please email me at safirecat at gmail dot com if you want an invite.

I am gearing up to also do a marathon cook with the lady I used to babysit for. We are going to make about 9 frozen meals that will hopefully be eatable. This is our first time doing this (for both of us!) so I’m not sure how it’s supposed to go. But hopefully I will have 9 or eve 18 meals all frozen and put away for busy days.

I am also trying to add a little to our camping gear. I bought a dutch oven about a week ago and have been dying to use it! But Juice doesn’t want me to use it on our front porch (we have no yard) so I have to find a table of some kind to set it on. Anyone have any ideas?

Cookbooks are my reading of choice right now. I have a frozen meal one, a dutch oven one, and a food storage one that I’m all trying to learn at once. Never mind that I don’t even have one whit of food storage or idea on how this frozen meal thing is supposed to work or really, how to use a dutch oven. All I know is that these are things I want to know how to do eventually and I better do it sooner rather than later.

I feel like I have more to say, but can’t figure out what. Oh well. Until next time!


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