Playing Catch Up: Summer Edition 4


Next up in my photo stream is our annual trip to Assateague Island. This year we were able to take our friend Lavender with us. (She died about 3 months later.) We only spent one day instead of our normal 3-4 due to a mix up in lodging. But it didn’t mean we didn’t have an awesome day!

We didn’t spend any time anywhere else but the beach. But we did stop and see the ponies. Because what is a trip to Assateague without the ponies?

Assateague ponies May 2012

Getting to the beach is always an adventure. This year, the kids (with me and Lavender in tow) ran right to the water and jumped right in. Leaving Juice to do the heavy stuff.

Assateague May 2012 Juice

We had a ball in the water. The boys thought it was a little cold. But still, this was the first year that they wanted to be in the water more than out of the water.

Assateague May 2012 In the water

Assateague May 2012 Me and boys

You can see our little beach tent with Lavender in it in the background.

Juice took Butterfly way out and tried to get her to body surf. Basically he picked her up by her life vest and tossed her into the waves. She was so water logged and happy!

Assateague May 2012 body surf

We drug everyone out into the deep water and had someone take a picture of us bobbing in the waves outside of the breakers. Professor was NOT happy about the breakers. And then, not happy about being far out. He wanted to go!

Family Assateague May 2012

Right after lunch I took a nap. Or I should say that I was SLAMMED with sleep. (Remember, I’m about 8 weeks pregnant here.) We have a little beach tent that I mostly made it into before I slept. But my legs were not all the way in the shade and they burned. Bad! Lavender kept me company while Juice played with the kids in the sand.

Assateague May 2012 Sand

Assateague May 2012 Mermaids

The day was very long (we left around 5am and didn’t get home until after midnight). But it was worth it! Can’t wait to go again next year!

Assateague May 2012 Family Beach


GMYBS: Beach


I have over 1000 pictures to look over and share the best of them with you in the next little bit.  This is BY FAR the best one.  And I didn’t even take it!  Thanks to Flower for this awesome shot of Butterfly boogie boarding on our last night at the beach.

Butterfly boogie board

I think I might frame it.  I love it that much.


Give Me Your Best Shot- Out With a Bang


This is the last of the beach updates I’m going to do.  Promise.  This is also the last time I will moan about the loss of my camera.  Because you must admit, it was an awesome camera.  It took pictures like this:

Atlantic Ocean

I just can’t get over how perfect this picture is.  To tell the truth, I’m a little nervous about sharing it because I’m afraid that someone will steal it.  But it’s just too amazing not to be shared.  Anyone know how to make a water mark?

That camera also took things like this:

We had so much fun just hanging around in the water like that.  And yes, we even had fun being splashed in the face by big waves.

And I’m glad that I have the memories that camera gave me.  It truly did go out with a bang.  Thanks again little underwater camera!  You will be missed.


Hosted by Cecily and Lolli

Plumb Tired


Exhaustion.  Pain.  Gritty.  Weary.

Another fun filled day at the beach today.  Those are all the things I feel right now.  We didn’t get home until around 8:30pm tonight.  Once we bathed the kids and got them to bed, made and ate dinner, we could all take turns showering.  I am the last to go and I am feeling uggy.

But it was another great day at the beach.  Today we went to Ocean City.  We walked down the board walk a bit and enjoyed some awesome pizza for lunch.  Then we loaded up our wagon and the stroller and headed out to the water.  The boys are so cute when the water hits their feet.  They laugh and say, “It’s coming!” when they see waves headed their direction.

Poor Pirate was not feeling well today.  He has a bit of a fever and huge swollen gums so I imagine he is getting teeth.  He spent most of the day today wrapped in a towel sitting on a chair.  At least today we had shade in the form of our big tent thing.  It was really nice to have shade and to tell the kids to dig a big hole in the ground.  Which they did.  Kept them busy all day!

Everyone had a chance to go out swimming beyond the breakers.  It was SO calm today.  Beyond the breakers everything was just swells and easy ones at that.  Juice and Flower tried body surfing.  I even got Butterfly out beyond the breakers to do a little bobbing of her own.  She LOVED it and cried when we had to get out of the water.

We stayed at the beach until the life guards packed up and left.  We did too.  We rinsed everyone off in a super cold shower on the boardwalk (that was fun let me tell you) and headed back home.

While we were rinsing off Professor said the funniest thing!

“Monkey!  Monkey!”

“Where’s the monkey?”

“Is hiding.”

“Where is the monkey hiding?”

“Inside!”  and he pointed to his belly.  Then he made a little monkey noise and laughed so hard.  Could be because I was laughing over it too.  What a cute kid!

Okay, I just deleted a bunch of k’s.  Apparently I’m falling asleep here.  And I still have to shower.  Good night!


PS- Remembered my camera today but it was my small underwater camera.  It worked great at the beach.  And now is no longer working.  Hopefully it’s just a dead battery.

Fulfilling a Dream


Today I was able to fulfill a life long dream.  It was a silly dream, and one that I never thought would happen.  Because honestly it’s never supposed to happen.  But today it did!

And it’s all thanks to a bag of pretzels.

I touched a wild horse.  I did my little training thing I’ve learned and got the horse to follow me a little bit…away from my blanket and my pretzels.

Today we went to Assteague Island and hung out on the beach there.  The wild horses come down to the beach to eat everyone’s food.  And boy they got into our stuff…twice!  I got yelled at by the life guard for touching the horses but frankly, the horses wanted to walk through our little set up and all the kids were in the middle of the set up.

So I kept right at it’s shoulder and whacked it’s nose when it wanted to come on my blanket.  After awhile, it would reach it’s nose out and sniff my hand, and follow me around the blanket area.  So cool!

And I’m happy to report that wild horses smell the same as domesticated horses.  In case anyone was interested.

The beach was a blast.  The day was cool and overcast.  Flower, Lala, and I were able to go walking without the kids and brought back a bucket of sea shells.  The boys laughed over the waves hitting their feet.  Juice and Lala’s husband built a huge sand castle/ volcano and the kids loved sliding up and down it.  What a fun day!

Not so fun: sunburn.  Everyone but the little babies (I reapplied sunscreen for them half way through the day) and Juice (who doesn’t burn) has bad patches of sunburn.  I missed right above my eyebrows in little triangles so now I look like I have clown makeup on.  Butterfly is just a tiny bit burned (she got Juice’s skin) but our friends are REALLY burned.

Oh well.  It was still one perfect day.


PS- I TOTALLY FORGOT MY CAMERA.  Can you believe it?!  Flower brought hers so she took some pictures.  I’ll post those when we get home.

Beach Bound


Today was spent packing, running, making lists, and crossing things off.  Road trips are great…when you’re the kid involved!  It’s a ton of work when you’re the one planning it.  From 8am this morning till 7pm tonight, I was running around like crazy.  Flower and the kids came with me to run about 8 errands (doughnuts included!) and then they napped while Flower and I packed.  We packed the car (mostly) and packed everything for the 5 of us to go.

Juice came home and packed himself in about 20 minutes.  Oh to do that!

We made it to my friend’s house easily tonight (after a small detour down the wrong road in the dark) and am amazed with the amount of bugs that hit the windshield.

My friend’s house is great!  There’s room for the kids to run around in and they are thrilled.  They were not as thrilled to be sent off to bed.  Professor is sleeping in a toddler bed for the very first time ever!  Pirate is in the crib, and Mimi (my friend Lala and her family came along too!) is in the pack and play in there as well.

I can’t believe my baby is big enough to sleep in a real bed!

Beach update tomorrow!


The Day’s Been Disrupted


Who can name that movie from the title? Anyone? I’ve been watching too many movies lately, obviously.

Guess who else has been watching movies? Butterfly. Her current favorite is Bolt and My Little Ponies. And she watching them because she’s sick. And we’re watching them because the boys are laying on Flower and I radiating heat. These boys have some pretty impressive fevers. So impressive that I took them to the doctor’s today to get their ears checked. I mean, why make them suffer if antibiotics will fix it?

Sadly, antibiotics will not fix this. Just a virus. Sigh…I was hoping it would be an antibiotic fix. It would make it easier on us. Especially since my cousin and his family are coming to stay with us this weekend and I’d really like to send them home without this virus.

The day did have a plan (beyond the doctor, the grocery store, the library, and the super big store because I have no qualms about infecting the rest of the town). The day had a plan written in big capital letters in ink on my calender. BEACH. Last year Flower loved the beach so much that this was our first plan made for her visit. This year we were planning on actually getting to the ocean. You know, being on the border and looking across the water knowing that on the other side is Europe. Last year we had a great time on the Chesapeake Bay. This year I thought we’d be a little more adventurous and show Flower the ocean, which she hasn’t ever seen before.

We still have about 2 weeks left with her. So we have time to get to the ocean. I figured everyone would be happier if we were healthy at the beach. I hope they sleep well tonight and we get healthy soon!


Busy busy busy


We have been busy here. Out playing! Today is a day to recover so I hope to get the rest of the pictures organized and maybe a nap. I am tired!

On Monday we were able to go to Annapolis with my friend Laura and her little boy Andrew. Butterfly and Andrew are a week apart. Included in this trip was a trip to the water front, a tour of public bathrooms with 2 newly potty trained 3 year olds, and lunch outside. We had a great time and apparently I didn’t take any pictures worth showing. So here are a few that Laura took.

Bee’s one request when she was visiting here was to go to the beach. Funny, that was Flower’s request as well! So we packed up the car and drove out to the beach. We had been there with Flower just a few months before. We had a few friends invited but they were unable to make it due to tire trouble. We still had a pretty good time. It was very windy that day and my little shade thing kept blowing over. We ended up taking down almost half of it which at least gave us a little square of shade.

We had to leave the bug netting off. I didn’t think it would be a big deal but apparently it was. The biting flies were ferocious! Poor little Professor got bitten on his head and he was UNHAPPY. I don’t blame him because they bit me on my ankles several times. Ouch! At least we had a tiny pup tent for Butterfly that I commandeered for the boys and they took a small nap inside.

Today at the beach was full of marine wildlife. Beyond the several seagulls (which Butterfly calls geese) and the tiny fish in the surf, we saw some baby crabs, a horse shoe crab, and jelly fish! The jelly fish were annoying. They were big and hurt! Both Bee and I got stung and we didn’t even go swimming that deep. The jelly fish also made it so Butterfly did not want to be in the water. We had fun playing in the sand and eating hot dogs and enjoying the sound of the water. Juice did not have as good of a time this time. It was hot, the flies were bad and I frequently left him with both boys to go play in the surf with Butterfly and Bee. I had a great time. So did Bee. But this is a big note to myself: go to the beach in June and not August.

In between playing around the area with Bee, we’ve been having some down days. We’ve been playing some card games and watching a lot of movies. It’s been great to have someone here to play with Butterfly. She has declared Bee her cousin and not mine. I apparently can’t have any cousins. I think it’s fun that she loves our helpers so much. It makes it that much easier!

Tomorrow we’re off on another adventure!