Yearly Photo on a Reptile


Taking the pictures off the camera for Halloween came with a bunch of pictures from the summer. Included in that picture dump is a picture that we get every single year. Us on the alligator! (crocodile? Not sure.)

Here’s us through the ages. Starting in 2008. I know I have more before this, but it’s all I can find right now.



2010, 2011 I have no picture. I think maybe we were in Utah these two years?

Family in Pool July 2012


You tell me…does Cowboy’s hair look really red in this picture? Because I see flashes of red, but it’s not there all the time.

It’s fun to see us grow up and change through the years in the same spot. Kind of sad that this year’s picture may be our last. Not because of us moving (well, 20% of that) but because the guy in our church who owns this is moving Thanksgiving weekend. So that may have been our last one! Glad we went!


Playing Catch Up: Summer Edition 5


Every year during the summer our bishop (the leader of our congregation) opens his summer camp to us for the day and we have a huge pool party. We go every year, shimmering heat or rain. Of course we always have fun swimming with our ward family. This year was no exception!

Pirate was obsessed with going under the water. Obsessed. It was all he did.

Pirate under water July 2012

Professor was content to float around on his 5 pool noodles. He can push himself around the pool by kicking and watch everyone play.

Professor floating July 2012

I didn’t get any pictures of Butterfly or Juice in the pool because I was tied to the stairs saving Pirate’s life every third dive or so. My BFF Lolli took pity on me and hung out talking. She also took our annual picture on the pool alligator.


Whoops, not that one!

Family in Pool July 2012

Juice played water ball with all the guys, and then street hockey. Every year, someone gets hurt in that street hockey game. He said the threat of danger makes it fun. Okay.

After all that playing, a good dinner of grilled stuffs and salads, we went home tired. I think all the kids fell asleep in the car and cried when we put pjs on them. Note for next year: bring pjs to change into!