First day of School 2013

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I know I’m several months late posting this, but I thought I should at least put up pictures of the kids’ first day of school!


Butterfly is now in 3rd grade! Her teacher is awesome and fun and firm and I really like her.


She was most excited to learn multiplication and division in math and see what new books her teacher had in her classroom to read.



Pirate has been very on the fence about school but was super excited to ride the bus! Full day Kindergarten is a big step. He talks often about the kids at his table and his friends at recess, but not a whole lot about anything else.



Professor has been begging to go to school for awhile. He jumped in 2 feet first and has thrived ever since. I think he has a serious crush on his teacher because I only ever hear about what she likes to do or what her favorite color is.



I put them in the same class this year, and not at their teacher’s recommendation. I pulled the parent string and I was right. She was very nervous to have them in class together because she felt like they would rely too much on each other. I asked her to put them on different ends of the room. Now they tell me they rarely play with each other. And they are not doing each others work at home or whatever it is that experts said they should split twins up for. I like having them in the same class and having one teacher to deal with. Now I might need to split them later on the schooling process, but it’s working so far.


I made them stop and pose for this picture with our bus. They weren’t late but they were the last ones on the bus and had to run up the hill!


Some pre school sillies:


And no first day of school would be complete without our trip out for ice cream!


So far, the school year has been awesome!


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  1. Valinda
    Nov 12, 2013 @ 15:18:28

    What fun kids! I’m glad you stuck with your mommy instinct and pulled the parent string.


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