Pre Moving Preperations

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It’s no secret that we will be moving in the near future. How near? Not sure yet. But I imagine it is right around the new year. At least, that’s my projection of the moving timeline. If all goes well job wise. I hope it goes well job wise.

So. With a move in the future, I’ve started to clean stuff out of our house/attic/storage unit. It started with a major purge of everything baby in October. I had 8 30 gallon tubs FULL of baby clothes. And kid clothes. There were so many clothes.

And I found more! Where is it all coming from?!

With the help of my lovely friends, we sorted, hung, snapped and tagged over 500 items for the semi annual twin sale. Almost all of my stuff sold. That’s good because we were living like this for awhile:

1 week from the sale. Then MAYBE my family can sit down.

Honestly it felt good to purge.

So slowly I’ve been going through other parts of the house and purging there too. I went through my closet and honestly asked what things I was wearing. Then I got rid of everything that I wasn’t. I packed up all my clothes from when I was skinny. Still so not skinny from having Cowboy. One day I hope to fit into those clothes again!

I went through the pantry and donated everything I knew we wouldn’t eat from now until Christmas. I’m thinking that I need to go through and get rid of everything else that I know we couldn’t move with us. I’m hesitant to start packing up the kitchen, but I’m itching to as well. The thing is that I’m not going to take half of the kitchen with us. I’m only taking the pans I like the best. The ones I use the most. The mixing bowls that work fine but I don’t like? Not coming along. The set of dishes that we got for a wedding present that used to have 8 of everything but are down to 3 bowls and 6 plates? Not coming with us. The mix match of glasses? Not coming with us. The kids plates? Coming!

I’ve also started narrowing down the furniture that we are bringing. The kids’ beds, check. The boys brand new dressers, check. Butterfly’s dresser I bought her before she was born? Not coming with us! That thing has broken so many times and has a ton of fixes by Juice in it. But I just don’t want to bring it along. I will get her a new one when we get to our new place.

Our bed? The mattress and box spring comes, the frame stays here. The tall dresser with the broken drawers from moving across the country 10 years ago? Staying here! Our long dresser? Hmm…maybe. I think it should come along because we probably won’t have scads of money to buy a new one right away. But it will be replaced eventually. Hopefully it will survive another move.

Our couch? Not staying here but not coming with either! It’s going to a new home. We will buy a new couch when we get there. All of our computer desks, chairs, etc, staying here. Our kitchen table? Coming along.

I’m hopeful that by leaving half of our furniture behind that the expense will be lessened, at least on this end. My concern is that the company won’t move us so we would have to foot the bill. So I’m trying to make it the least amount possible. Now if the company moves us…that’s a different story.

One thing that we are trying to do is get rid of our storage unit. We’ve been moving boxes back to the house and going through them. I’ve been trying to get everything down by a third. Meaning I throw at least a third of the stuff in the boxes away or give away or earmark to sell. Our attic is filling up. I’d say in about 2 weeks we can start selling the furniture that we have in there.

It will be nice to buy new things. And to hang pictures up in a new place. And to make the new house feel like home. I hope we know more soon!


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  1. Valinda
    Nov 12, 2013 @ 15:21:33

    So excited for you guys! A would love to get rid of my junk and start over in a new house. Maybe I’ll pretend I’m moving and dump half of it any way.


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