Cowboy is 10 months old!



Holy cow, my baby is 10 months old! He is SUCH a fun lovely little baby. He absolutely loves people and hates to be alone. He always has a huge smile for the kids as they get off the bus from school, and really loves to see everyone in the morning. He is the happiest when we are all together.

I’ve really enjoyed seeing him discover a lot of things this month. He really started noticing Soot (the dog) this month and crawls off towards her all the time. Yes he crawls! He still has the army crawl because I think it’s easier to do on our wood floors than crawl on all fours. He holds his right foot up in the air as he pulls himself around the house. On the carpet, he’s starting to really creep around in a halting all fours crawl. He falls on his face a lot and gets a lot of bruises on his forehead.

He has also started pulling up on everything but no cruising around the furniture yet. One thing he does that I find adorable is he crawls through the kitchen chairs like it’s a jungle gym. He is amazingly strong rolling over while you are trying to change his diaper. It’s actually very annoying and hard to pin him down to change him! He’s the one child that I wish I had a changing table to use. Or maybe I don’t?

He does a lot of talking through the day. He says “huh!” and “da!” and “ada da da”. He also has the cutest little wheeze that he does when he is extra happy to see someone. I get that wheeze a lot. Makes me feel good!

He has been the easiest kid to keep away from the dog food. When you say, “No no baby!” he actually turns around and stops what he’s doing. He loves to shred paper which the kids have found out. Not happily, I might add.

The other day, I was holding him and he grinned up at me and put his foot in my hand. Just for fun, I tickled it. He giggled and squirmed away. Then he looked up at me again and slowly put his foot back in my hand. It got tickled and he giggled and squirmed away. We must have spent about 10 minutes doing that because he was having so much fun!

He is also a major flirt and will smile at anyone. He then ducks his head into me and shyly looks up at you with his big blue eyes. It melts everyone’s heart every single time. But heaven forbid if you should take him from his mommy! He is a serious mama’s boy and has to be with me most of the time. He’s just fine as long as he knows I’m there.

He is a TERRIBLE sleeper. Oh sure, he naps great if I hold him and don’t move. But during the day if I put him down, he’s up in less than 2 minutes and he screams and screams and screams. I seriously am at my wits end with him. I’ve never had a kid that sleeps so badly. And since he sleeps bad during the day, I can’t get anything else done. Well, I feel like I don’t get things done. He does nap in the car but doesn’t transfer well. Ugh, it makes me frustrated just to even type it out. On the other hand, he is an awesome night sleeper and goes to bed around 6:30 and wakes up around 7am. He wakes up maybe once to eat either at 11pm or 5am, and then goes right back down.

Cowboy eats just about anything. Anything I’m eating, he thinks he should eat. Anything anyone else is eating, he thinks he should have. Strangers included. He will start by being all cute and shy, then start opening his mouth when they eat and crying when the bite goes into their mouths and not his. He loves his food. He’s had so many things, I don’t even keep track anymore. All kinds of veggies, noodles, bread, fruit, meats…am I missing anything? Seriously, the boy can eat.

I’m loving having a little buddy to hang around with all the time. He’s just so fun!


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  1. Valinda
    Nov 12, 2013 @ 15:24:20

    I’m really enjoying my trailer baby too. We should have had them first ;)


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