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When Juice started to look for a new job (about a year and a half ago?) I started researching out houses. When he had interviews, I researched out the area and the schools. And even sometimes when he told me about jobs he was most interested in, even if they never made it to the interview part.

I’ve looked at a lot of houses. Online, of course.

Juice is waiting on jobs in 3 different areas this time around. I’ve taken a few weeks and focused on each area to find a few houses I wouldn’t mind renting, and to get the lay of the land. Then I sit and imagine myself in these houses and how our lives might go. Does anyone else do this?

What types of things do I imagine? Well, I think of how wonderful it would feel to curl up next to that fire place with the snow falling, hot cocoa in hand, and our Christmas tree twinkling right over there. What kind of couch am I going to get that would fit that room? I like big sectional couches, but would something smaller work out?

Which bedroom is bigger? Which bedroom is laid out better so I can put all 3 boys into one room? How about the house with the awesome tub? Or the one that is next to a park? What about that house that’s WAAAAAY out in the country. Could we handle that? Could Juice handle that commute?

Where will Cowboy learn to walk? Where will he say his first word? If we move there, how easy is it to have visitors? If we move here, will we have any visitors at all?

My dream house right now has 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, a working fireplace in a nice big open family room with a big back yard for the kids to play in. Oh and awesome schools in a good neighborhood.

I guess my biggest concern with the housing thing is that I doubt we will get any of that. We will probably end up renting a tiny house with tiny rooms and no fireplace, no back yard. But we will have an AWESOME school. I hope!


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  1. Dad
    Nov 06, 2013 @ 11:40:09

    I hope that it’s everything you want, in Colorado or wherever you will be happy.



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